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Orlando Salinas

Published On: May 14 2013 01:22:25 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 21 2014 04:00:39 PM EDT
WDBJ7 New River Valley Newsroom Bureau Chief Orlando Salinas

I'll be the first to say I don't like math. Matter of fact, I got into TV because I couldn't do math and I still can't.

TV seemed to be a perfect fit. I always enjoyed talking. I was often asking lots of questions, and if an answer didn't feel right, I kept on asking until it felt like the truth.

I've been working as a reporter for more than 20 years and still enjoy the rush of working in "hot spots,” where chaos reigns and ugly deadlines are breathing down my neck.

What most folks don't realize is that I am the last link in a very long chain. Before my story ever appears on TV, there's been lots of discussion. Lots of back and forth, maybe even a fair amount of disagreement in the newsroom about how valid or invalid a story actually is. I'm good with that, and enjoy a good debate. That kind of discussion brings clarity and light, and I'm all for it.

Speaking of clarity, let's talk about the small army of people in the WDBJ7 newsroom that put together what you see on TV. Producers, associate producers and editors; folks who run the floor cameras, and last but not least, the photographers who "run and gun" with reporters. Without a photographer, I'm a print reporter.
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I'm always open to speaking at just about any forum, but here's the warning; I speak my mind and make no apologies for it.

I'm always looking for a good story, so please reach out and tell me what you've got!

Here's my line- "Both sides, equal time."

I'm a native Virginian and have worked for NBC and ABC affiliates, as well as a national correspondent at Fox News.

You can contact me by email at