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7-Eleven shooting has local residents on edge

Published On: Jun 03 2013 04:02:19 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 03 2013 09:53:16 PM EDT
7-Eleven shooting has local residents on edge
Roanoke,Va. - -

A hail of bullets startled and woke up a community, when someone opened fired at the 7-eleven on Williamson Road.

“You can tell that whoever had done the shooting had emptied the clip,”  said a nearby neighbor who didn’t want to identified.

Shamika Robertson heard the gunfire. That's when she thought of two people dear to her heart.

“Basically I just made sure I hold my kids close, just close with me because bullets have nobody’s name on it,” said Robertson.

“You can't do nothing, you can't go out anywhere; it's not safe, said nearby resident, Benjamin Wickham.

Neighbors say they are not surprised by the shooting at 7-Eleven, they say it has become the hangout spot after bars close, especially since a local Sheetz temporally closed.

Robertson says she goes out sometimes and notice people riding up and down the street. “They'll be yelling stuff out the windows acting crazy,” said Robertson.

Some residents say they have a message for those making trouble.

“More than likely it's not their neighborhood, so get out.  Don't mess with our neighborhood,” said a resident who didn’t want to be identified.

“We will not tolerate as a community, this will not become Dodge City and if they think we're kidding, come back this coming weekend and let's see what happens,” said Deputy Chief Tim Jones of the Roanoke City Police.

Police say they will be looking at surveillance cameras footage from the 7-Eleven, and in the meantime there will be an increase in patrol.