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Franklin County turns trash into treasure

Published On: Jun 07 2013 04:34:56 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 07 2013 08:44:56 PM EDT
Franklin County turns trash into treasure
Rocky Mount, Va. - -

When a budget cut stopped the funding for gym equipment, staff and students at Franklin County High School hit the ground running, collecting bottle caps.

“We asked the community, we asked the students, we asked the teachers if they could help us by collecting caps for us,” said athletic secretary, Sandy Coblentz.

“I go to everybody I know, and just be like hey, you got a couple of caps I can have, I'll take over to coach Wright he works at the school,” said student helper, Jordan Taylor.

The school received thousands of bottle caps from Coke products.  Jamie Wright is the coach for special need students.

“It means the world, I teach the kids everyday and to see the joy on their faces when they walk in the gym and they saw the equipment that we got from the Coke responses and the Coke bottle cap was amazing,” said Wright.

“They're great students to begin with, they don't ask for a lot and for them to be able to come out everyday play, play with each other and play with our other kids, and it's just phenomenal. It makes my heart happy,” said Coblentz.

The school managed to collect more than 110,000 points resulting in hula hoops, basketballs, an inflatable bowling set, and a lot of other equipment. Though the process of collecting can be a little tedious, it's all worth it.

“It only takes five seconds to make a difference in someone else's life and that really what people have jumped on board and stared helping doing,” said Wright. Realizing that somebody else's trash, things that people throw away; we can use it as our treasure and really help out our students.

The school is also donating some of its new gym equipment to the elementary school in Moore, Oklahoma that was destroyed in a huge tornado last month.