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UPDATE: Preliminary hearing for grandson charged with killing Campbell County couple

Published On: Jun 10 2013 02:21:43 AM EDT   Updated On: Jun 10 2013 11:46:37 PM EDT
UPDATE: Preliminary hearing for grandson charged with killing Campbell County couple

Investigators believe Robert Philbrook shot his grandparents, stole his grandmother's prescription pain medication and pawned her jewelry last winter.  That was some of the testimony during Monday's preliminary hearing in Campbell County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

A number of witnesses testified about the days before and after the discovery of the John and Virgnia Philbrook's bodies February 15th.  Investigators believe Robert Philbrook killed them inside the house they all shared a few days earlier on February 12th.  A sheriff's office investigator said John had been shot once and Virginia three times.

On February 12th, Robert Philbrook pawned his grandmother's jewelry, valued at $10,000-$12,000.  An employee testified that Philbrook told him his grandparents had recently died and that he had additional jewelry to sort through and sell.  Store managers thought the situation was unusual and notified law enforcement but completed the sale anyway.

That same day, Robert Philbrook called the mother of his daughter and told her he was coming to North Carolina earlier than expected.  When it started getting late, Barbarita Cardona testified that she called the Philbrook home.  Cardona said no one answered, which she described as unusual.  When Robert Philbrook finally did show up, he did not have any extra clothes and appeared nervous.

On February 15th, sheriff's deputies forced their way into the Philbrook home and found the bodies of John and Virginia.  The house appeared ransacked, investigators testified, with the exception of Robert Philbrook's room.  That appeared "neat."  The same day, Robert Philbrook picked up a prescription in his grandmother's name for a highly addictive pain killer.

Investigators interviewed Robert Philbrook four times before he was arrested.  They said he gave a different story each time.  Following his arrest, investigators recorded a phone call Philbrook made from jail.  During the call, investigators say he told someone he had a "pill problem" and was abusing pain medication.

At the conclusion of Monday's preliminary hearing, a judge certified the charges to the next grand jury, which meets in July.


There's a preliminary hearing scheduled Monday for a local man who's accused of killing his grandparents.

Police found John and Virginia Philbrook shot dead in their home on Sleepy Hollow Road just a few miles outside of Lynchburg back on February 15th.

They arrested Robert Philbrook days later.

His preliminary hearing is set for 1:30 p.m. in Campbell County.