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WDBJ7 Health Blog: The Fear of Gaining the Weight Back

Published On: May 25 2013 02:21:06 PM EDT   Updated On: May 25 2013 05:21:16 PM EDT
WDBJ7 Health Blog:  The Fear of Gaining the Weight Back

Erik Chopin is a man that people called an inspiration. Eric appeared on the third season of ‘The Biggest Loser.’ His starting weight was at 407 pounds and he managed to lose 214 pounds. After the cameras stopped rolling and he was out of the eye of expectations, he gained the weight back. He weighs around 350 pounds.


I read his story today and also the comments. One person stated a shocking statistic, 95% of dieters gain their weight back. This is shocking to me. How can a person gain all their weight back? Why didn’t they stop it?


It’s an unknown, a scary unknown, to our future. When we lose weight we want to say it’s a permanent change but how can we never know? Look at Oprah. Girl has money to pay for professional trainers and chefs. Yet, she is not rail-thin.


I can’t do it. I cannot compare other people’s weight loss journeys to mine.


Here is some good news. The statistic of 95% of dieters regain their weight is a lie. Actually the statistics is lower for people who lose weight on their own terms.


The contestants on ‘The Biggest Loser’ workout for 4+ hours while eating a strict 1,000 calories diet. Is this practical in the real world? NOPE!


I can hear sweet brown saying, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


We have jobs, families, and even sleep to maintain. We need a TV show that shows how to lose weight in a particle world. And no, I am not talking about arm workouts with the office chair.


For those who lost over 100 pounds and gained it back, I am sorry. For those who lost it and are worried about gaining it back, you are not alone.


We are community, we are family, and we need to stay strong.



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