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Website uses public records to generate income

Published On: Jun 05 2013 02:31:08 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 06 2013 08:48:27 AM EDT
Website uses public records to generate income

WDBJ7 has uncovered a website that could be targeting you and your wallet.

It's already got the attention of the Supreme Court of Virginia and it's already affected some people in our viewing area.

The website is called Court Record Management and it has been raising a lot of red flags.

If you've broken the law one time or another, you may be on here and not even know it. Even if you had the charge expunged, you could still find your name on the list.

Virginia court case records are public record, but it appears the website is using these records to earn a buck.

If you go to the website, you’ll find a list of various cases from different years. If you see your name on this list, all you have to do it click on it and most of your personal information pops up, along with the violation or charge you received in Virginia, along with the outcome of your case.

At the top right hand corner, you can opt to have the public record erased from cyber space, but it will cost you.

We’re talking $30 to get it removed from the website itself and about $50 to remove it from the website and Google.

The website notes certain terms and agreements and states they can’t guarantee that every document will be erased.

It appears the website is allegedly using public records to make money, even though anyone can find the records if you know where to look.

Locally, no formal complaints have been made about this website, although some people have called to inquire about it.

The Supreme Court of Virginia issued the following statement to WDBJ7 regarding the website:

“Virginia's Judicial System provides abstracts of court case records, which are public records, on its website and has taken steps to prevent companies from scraping the website for information, including implementing a CAPTCHA system for the General District Court Case Information System. We have previously notified the Virginia Attorney General's Office about a complaint we received regarding a similar website. We plan to make the Attorney General's Office aware of this website as well.”

If your name is on the website and you'd like to make a complaint you should contact the Virginia Attorney General's Office right away.