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Amazing Race Recap: Working Our Barrels Off

Published On: Jun 05 2013 01:57:36 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 12 2013 11:47:13 AM EDT
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Max and Katie leave the pit stop at 2 in the morning to travel to Scotland. The airport was closed when the teams arrived. Max & Katie, Caroline & Jennifer, and Bates & Anthony are all aboard a 1pm flight. Joey& Meghan and Beth & Mona are on a different flight heading to Edinburgh, Scotland.

The plane with the three teams lands first. Racers are off to the Gosford House. When they arrive they find a


One member of each team must play the bagpipes with the Royal Regiment of Scotland. They have to play a note that harmonizes with the band as they march around the mansion. If they have enough lung capacity then they will get their next clue.

Bates, Max and Caroline attempt the roadblock. Caroline has trouble. She makes suggestive jokes but it takes her 8 tries for her to move on. The other two teams have moved on and the moms and youtubers just landed.

The back of the packers realize they are the last two teams. They will be U-turned and it’s every team for themselves at this point. Earlier in the season, the Roller Derby Moms and YouTubers were in a strong alliance. Until, that alliance fractured and the non-alliance members union together to create an anti-alliance alliance speared by Max.

Bates and Anthony are in the lead as they travel to Duddingston village to find a


Taste Pudding or Whiskey Rolling

In taste pudding, teams assemble Scottish pudding, haggis. Contestants will stuff oxen intestine with meat and seasonings.

In whiskey rolling, teams will roll 8 barrels up 200 yards to a Scottish party.

The Hockey brothers chose the barrels while the other two teams chose the pudding. Max and Kate chose to do the opposite of the brothers so they can pass them for the lead. Did that strategy pay off? We will see.

Bates and Anthony speculate the weight of the barrels to be 100 pounds each. Bates carried a few on his SHOULDERS! He said he felt like Atlas. The guys burn through this detour and come across the double U-turn. The brothers use it on Meghan and Joey. Max and Kate are the second team to get to the U-turn and they U-turn Mona and Beth. The Anti-alliance alliance’s plan worked!

The two teams race to the Pit Stop on Niddry street and Max and Katie edge out the brothers for first and 10 grand each.

The bottom two teams face off during the roadblock. Meghan decides to do it since she played Trumpet in High School. However, she doesn’t have the lungs for this challenge. The moms get a lead on the friends. Joey thinks its 30 minutes.

Speed Bump

Since Mona and Beth came in last, last leg they have to do an extra challenge. They play the Scottish version of bowling, skittles. In skittles, the ball has no holes. The team has to get a strike before they can advance. Beth nails it on her 16th try.

By the time the girls hit their detour, Meghan and Joey have caught up. The two teams know they are last but do the same detour, pudding. The moms beat out the friends AGAIN for the lead. But, they find out that they were U-Turned. The moms get a 4 barrel lead on the YouTubers when the start the second detour. However, Meghan and Joey fall out of it and out of the race. The season Finale is next week

Race Order

1. Max and Katie

2. Bates and Anthony

3. Caroline and Jen

4. Mona and Beth

5. Meghan and Joey

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