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'Survivor' FVF Recap: Come Over To The Dark Side

Published On: Jun 05 2013 02:05:19 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 12 2013 11:47:44 AM EDT
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The three amigos live on! The men ousted Phillip with Malcolm’s strategic play to keep all three members safe. Will the rest of stealth-R-Us crack now that their leader is gone? Yes! Dawn congratulates Reynold on their play. I think she is playing it up so they don’t target her. Smart gameplay on her? Probably.

“There is nothing that I disliked about Phillip in this game; except for the fact he can’t fit his head and ego under the shelter,”

You will never guess who said that. EDDIE! He has the nerve to call someone else egotistical. Shall we replay him the first two episodes?

The next morning the morale of the alliance is low. Spirits are low and people are hungry. Brenda is crying. As she sips on pee-colored water, she experiences a breakdown. She never imagined her losing control of her game and that is what the amigos did. It put in reality that there is uncertainty in the game.

Dawn and Cochran come back to camp with tree mail. They have envelopes full of money for a food auction. 500 bucks each. Malcolm’s plan is to save his money for a big advantage in the game.

Literally the first items Probst reveal are beer and nuts. Malcolm immediate puts down 20 bucks. Whoops! On his strategy. He does chug a beer bottle.

The next item is blind and Reynold bids on it for 180. But, Probst gives him 2 more hidden items to choose from. Cochran tells him to switch but Reynold fires back that he doesn’t trust him. Reynold wins one slice of pizza. The middle, hidden, item is the rest of that pizza. Sherri screams to buy it for 500 bucks, all of her money.

The next item is unveiled, roasted chicken. 500- from Dawn. She spends all of her money like that.

The next item is information in the game. Malcolm bids 480 dollars. No one else bids. He has 60 seconds to look at the note. It was directions for the buried hidden immunity idol.

The next item is covered. Brenda cautiously bids 100 and gets outbids. She doesn’t want to buy something that is not appetizing or get outbid to waste her money. Andrea wins the pasta dinner. But the twist, she can give up her pasta for rice and beans for the tribe. Blondie does the right thing by supporting the tribe.

The next item is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Cochran wins it.

Brenda wins a covered item. She won pigs brain. She tried to eat it. Poor girl. Can’t get a confessional and can’t get a good reward.

Probst then tells the group that they can buy a loved letter for 20 bucks each. Dawn, Sherri, and Malcolm can’t buy it because they don’t have money. They are pissed at themselves. The tribe can’t share money either.

Eddie wins the last item and it’s a big bowl of peanut butter. The tribe has 60 seconds to devour as much peanut butter as possible. They can take whatever that is on their hands and faces. Ok pause. Sanitation is a problem because everyone just dives right in and scoops peanut butter with their filthy hands. Like, you are living in a jungle. Have one person who is the cleanest scoop peanut butter into everyone’s hands. There was a cute moment between Cochran and Sherri. She fed him peanut butter by sticking her fingers down his mouth. A failed opportunity for some ’50 shades of Grey’-esque music.

Back at camp, the group still shares peanut butter among the people. The tribe sits down to open up letters from home. Brenda continues her breakdown. I mean, her cute tears stroll her peanut butter smothered half-asian, half-bolivian face.

To her credit, she wasn’t the only one strolling down teary road. Cochran is a mess. He thought he can emerge himself in a game-bot mode to strictly run through strategy. Sorry nerd, only Kim Spradlin can do that.

Reynold tries to flip Sherri to his alliance. Oh how the tides have turned. It’s just hilarious that the three remaining fans have been so fractured from the get-go. Sherri tells him what he wants to hear. If you can’t beat em, join them. Malcolm tells Reynold for this point on he will talk to Sherri.

Early in the morning before dawn breaks, Malcolm looks for the clue near the water well. Andrea peaks her eye and follows him. She is with Cochran. He leaves and now it’s a stand-off between the two. She sits on the water well lid and she has no plans on moving. Time goes on and on. She knows if there is an idol and it gets played then she is going out of the game.

You Keep Me Hanging On

For today’s immunity challenge, contestants will hold on to a rope that carries a heavy log. At regular intervals, they will move one knot lower which makes the weight difficult to bear. Once they let go, they are out of the game. Cochran’s advantage is for him to move up two knots at any point in the game.

Everyone holds one third of the body weight in which they started this season. After 5 minutes, the players move down to their second knot. Another 5 minute passes and Cochran uses his advantage. Was it smart to use it so early? Was he saving his energy?

Brenda is the first one out. Then, Erik drops out of the challenge. The challenge is down to seven. Dawn struggles and she digs to make it to the next round. This round there is no more knots to hold on to, just rope. Sherri drops her pole and is out. Crash; Malcolm is out. Andrea is out and Dawn drops.

Its three guys left, Reynold on the left, Eddie on the right and Cochran in the middle. Reynold drops. Eddie slops and he has an inch of holding room left of the rope. Cochran wins his second immunity. Is he the immunity beast? Doubt it!

Back at camp, Cochran makes a private speech on his awesomeness on winning the challenges. I can’t tell if he is serious or soo self-aware that he is sarcastic. He has won half of individual immunities.

Malcolm can’t find the idol neither can he look for it. So, he has to pretend that he has the idol. He needs the majority to split the votes and get Sherri to flip on it do its 4 – 3- 2. He pulls her aside and lies that he has the idol. Sherri shakes hands and pledges her allegiance. He tells her that they are voting for Andrea.

Reynold works his magic on Erik. Erik starts to play his own game. Previously, we thought Erik was not much of a strategist. I mean, he did give up his immunity necklace that got him the boot in the final 5 of Micronesia. So, yeah.. or “jeah” because he is on the level of Ryan Lochte, dumb. But now, he is playing the middle man. Dawn stares at him and tells him that she is putting all of her trust in him. She literally stares him down by intimidating him to not flip.

Cochran points out that the risk of splitting the votes tonight is that it takes one person to flip and their plan can tragically turn unfavorable. They are all worried about Erik because he voted for Fillup last tribal council.

Tribal Council

Reynold says Phillips’s departure marked a new chapter in the game. Well duh, it definitely marked a new episode. He doesn’t see it as 6 vs 3 anymore. Andrea responds with that if anyone flips then it will ruin their game. Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie are challenge threats and will stick together so they will ‘use and abuse you.’

Probst mentions Malcolm’s clue. Andrea chirps in that she is 80% convinced he has the idol. This puts a smirk on his face because he wants them to think he has the idol so they will split the votes.

The tribe votes. No one plays an idol and smiles come across Andrea and Cochran’s faces.

First vote- Reynold, Malcolm and Andrea. Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, 2 votes each. Reynold, Andrea.. one vote left, Malcolm. We have a three vote tie.

A revote ensues. Malcolm is voted out and the 3rd member of the jury. He played well.

A coworker and fellow Survivor enthusiast pointed out that whoever aligns with Reynold and Eddie gets voted out. It’s kind of true. How are they still in this game? How are there 3 fans still left?

Sherri really did have a huge choice to make; to play with the three amigos or stick with the outcast majority alliance. If she flipped then next vote would have been 4 vs 4. Dynamics are so different then what is portrayed in the editing so I wonder who was really close with whom. I can see Sherri being really close with Dawn.  Dawn is close with Andrea, Cochran, Brenda and Sherri. Will Dawn win?


Tribal Votes (revote)

Erik: Malcolm

Brenda: Malcolm

Dawn: Malcolm

Eddie: Malcolm

Sherri: Malcolm

Cochran: Malcolm

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