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Blacksburg mobile home park being pushed out?

Published On: Jul 05 2013 05:38:48 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 28 2013 11:27:09 PM EDT

Blacksburg Estates could be rezoned to make way for more than 200 other homes. Residents at the mobile home park say they have nowhere to go.


The oldest mobile home park in Blacksburg, may be going away. Blacksburg Estates has been around for at least 50 years, but recent plans submitted to the Blacksburg planning and development show another housing development possibly in the works.

Ricky Cumbee lives in the 401 section of Blacksburg Estates, just off Givens Lane in Blacksburg. It's been home for 30 years. His yard is full of flowers and gardens his mother planted long ago, and he built a good size deck on the front with his own hands.

Last week, Cumbee says he and dozens of other homeowners received letters from the park manager, saying homes on the 401 side where he lives would be relocated to the 301 side. Why?

"It was just a matter of time before someone bought this land. It's a prime piece of property and it's prime, it's right for development."

Last week, the owners, based in Florida, paid more than $2,000 to the town of Blacksburg, as part of the re-zoning application fee.

Blacksburg Estates is asking that 33 and a half acres be rezoned to planned residential. Today it's zoned for mobile homes.

Plans submitted to the town, would allow single family homes, townhouses and green space.

Ellie Spradlin was standing outside her mobile home, next to her American flag that was attached to her disabled ramp, "My gut tells me, you want me to really tell you? They're ripping us off, we should have been notified about this when they found out about it."

Your taxes paid for a new roundabout and new sidewalks just off the park's entrance. Some 250 people call Blacksburg Estates home. The entire parcel is up for sale. The asking price is $7.9 million.

Cumbee, who's disabled after working at Virginia Tech for more than 20 years, says it's not official, but it's close.

"The writing's on the wall, it's only a matter of time. What I'm waiting on and what most people here are waiting on, is how long we're going to have till we're out."

The park manager said the property is for sale, but it hasn't sold yet. Michael Clifford said the park is being downsized and the property owner would pay to move homes from the 401 section, to the 301 section, which also is for sale. What happens if someone buys it? Clifford said he's "just the manager."