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Fake cops in Floyd County?

Published On: Dec 24 2013 07:48:35 AM EST   Updated On: Sep 19 2013 07:55:39 PM EDT

Four people have been pulled over under suspicious circumstances in the past month.

FLOYD CO., Va. -

Someone in Floyd County is impersonating a police officer.

Investigators say at least three people have been pulled over by a fake cop.

This past Tuesday, just before midnight, Floyd County Sheriff's investigator Jeff Dalton says someone, dressed in some sort of uniform, flashed a blue light and stopped a woman.

"She pulled over, the vehicle was described as a small car with just one blue light kind of over the visor, a man walked up."

Investigator Dalton says the same thing has happened at least three other times in the past month.

One driver said he was pulled over twice by the same man, who asked to look inside his car. The driver said 'no', the fake cop said ok and drove away.

Another driver said in the past week she was lured off the road in Christiansburg by someone flashing a blue light. She told investigators it just didn't feel right. We called Christiansburg police to see if they'd heard about this, but they had not returned the call by news time.

Across the country, media reports of people impersonating police officers are on the increase.

Tuesday night, investigator Dalton said the driver did the right thing when she pulled off in a public area after seeing the blue light flashing in her rear view mirror.

The man, dressed in some sort of uniform asked for her ID. He looked at it then told her to cut off the engine and get in his car.

"She was there in her car," said Dalton, "and a couple of people came out of the nursing home. The employees, I guess getting off from work and it evidently spooked him and he just drove off."

Those employees didn't know it, but they were angels who came out at the right time.

Dalton said his advice is simple: "I called my daughter when this happened and told her 'look, don't be stopping for anybody like that.' I told her exactly what I'm telling you, drive to a police station, call 911 or whatever."

Dalton says they have no suspects.