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Pulaski County preparing for worst

Published On: Jul 13 2013 12:14:56 AM EDT   Updated On: Jul 13 2013 12:15:16 AM EDT

Pulaski County officials officially declared a local emergency, saying all this rain has put lots of the county at a risk for flash flooding


Officials in Pulaski County are taking extra precautions just in case their area has more heavy rains, by declaring a local state of emergency.

The decision was made July 4 after emergency planners decided too many parts of the county were at risk of severe flooding.

Just about every community on the New River has been on edge since the rain began falling more than 2 weeks ago.

Robert Hiss, the assistant county administrator, said, "In anticipation of more rain, it just seems like it's an appropriate thing to do in case any of our resources get overwhelmed, we want state and federal assistance, if that ever comes about. If it ever gets that bad."

Officials say Pulaski County, right now, has at least 11 inches of rain more than normal this time of year.

Down along the New River in Allisonia, where backyards have the best views, some neighbors say this year has been strange.

We saw Rufus Faulkner standing on his big porch looking out at the river, which he said has flooded high on his property several times,

"You know the weather seems to be getting wilder or something," Faulkner said.

I asked Mr. Faulkner what he thought about Pulaski County declaring a state of emergency ''just in case'' everything goes from bad to much worse.

"Well' said Faulkner, 'I think that's good you know, if they know what they need, if they feel like they need the aid, cause it gets rough down here sometimes."

Declaring a local emergency allows county planners to bypass standard procedures, and provide assistance to victims immediately. Forget the red tape.

"There could be damage to public property, water systems, sewer systems, roads' said Hiss, 'Could be damage to private property and we just want to be be prepared with doing the formalities ahead of time just in case."

The County Board of Supervisors will meet early Monday morning to ratify its' decision to declare a local state of emergency.