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Radford High School marching band overcomes soggy start

Published On: Oct 11 2013 08:52:59 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 11 2013 09:26:02 PM EDT

When life hands you wet band uniforms you can either play in them, or find something else that fits, fast.


When life hands you wet band uniforms you can either play in them, or find something else that fits and fast.

The Radford High School Bobcat marching band performed Friday night at it's annual homecoming game.

But before the season even started, there was ugly news about those band uniforms which had been kept in a storage closet all Summer in the band room.

Band director Daniel Frankenberger, said he remembers when a student rushed in with the bad news. Frankenberger said he'll never forget what he saw.

"[I] Opened the door found puddles on the wall, water streaming down and we had our uniforms in piles So they had been there soaking up all this water, plus the air conditioning was off and developed a bit of a mold problem."

Picture show piles and piles of heavy pants and shirts. If you were in band, you remember how great that polyester felt.

The band director said he found 150 used uniforms fast, problem was the mascot on the shirts was a spartan, not a bobcat. The coach said it was all about perspective. "We call it a bobcat wearing a spartan helmet!"

Once the uniforms were delivered, it was all about needles and thread. A small army of band moms lead the way, including Jane Swing.

"Luckily there were mothers that came in as  we measured kids and tried them on and pinned them, they took the uniforms into the other room and got them and sewed them and handed them right back to the kids."

Kids adapt, it's what they do and what these kids did. Robert Swing is the marching captain. He said there's an upside to the used uniforms.

"We used to have the zipper on the back instead of the front and we would always have to get somebody to help us out or something along that line but now  it's a little more convenient. That we just button up from the front. You can dress yourself.''

Frankenberger said the uniforms were insured but the band will still have to raise as much as 30 thousand dollars to replace the used uniforms with brand news ones. What about the bobcat mascot? Frankenberger said for the money they're spending, count on a bobcat patch, not a spartan.