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The Chicken bus, a surprise story in Fairlawn

Published On: Jul 27 2013 09:24:30 AM EDT   Updated On: Jul 27 2013 09:27:03 AM EDT

Meet Marshall Quackenbos and his 10 year old son. Together they're grilling and serving close to 500 pounds of fresh chicken twice a week at this spot in Fairlawn.


Sometimes when our reporters are out tracking down a story, they end up finding another one.

Our reporter was in Fairlawn, when he found the chicken bus, a big red school bus that's been converted into a food truck Marshall Quackenbos and his 10 year old son are working in a tight space. Together, they're grilling and serving close to 1,000 pounds of fresh chicken twice a week near the intersection of Route 114 and Route 11 in Fairlawn.

There's no way you can't see the chicken bus, it's not what you're expecting. Joey Aker was walking up to the line and had to wait like everybody else,"I've never seen this before but I think it's great' said Aker, 'I can't wait to try it. It looks like something off food network. I can't wait to give it a try!"

Quackenbos story is the back-story here. Three years ago, the father of four says he got hurt on the job and couldn't work, "Six months and no job," said Quackenbos, "and five kids to feed just put in my situation where I was asking what should I do?"

Two girls walked up to the line and started taking pictures of each other; the backdrop was of course, the chicken bus. One of them asked Quackenbos how he got the idea for the bus. Without skipping a beat and while serving up a couple of pretty good size chicken plates, Quackenbos said, "I give the Lord the credit for the idea."

A 1989 International bus that used to carry kids, now carries grilled chicken. Folks were stopping by to eat and take a few pictures of the chicken bus. Karen Butler was standing away from the lines snapping off a few, she said she was visiting from California.

"I think this is an inspirational story for anyone if you have a will, you have a way."

Two days a week, you can find the chicken bus in Fairlawn, that means Quackenbos is grilling hundreds of pounds of fresh chicken that you can smell way before you ever get to the spot, which turns out to be pretty good marketing.

While I was doing this story, folks kept walking up wanting to eat that chicken, so we kept putting off the interview. Quackenbos was saying how busy it's been since starting the business in mid-April.

"It's definitely taken off here much faster than what I anticipated."

Again, I noticed more customers forming another line, that's all it took for Quackenbos to end the interview and get back to work. A quick "Alright, We'll,see you!", and the chicken man was back on board the chicken bus.