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A Baby Needs A Bottle.. Of Vodka!

Published On: Jul 11 2013 01:04:01 AM EDT   Updated On: Jul 11 2013 02:20:16 AM EDT

Elissa and Helen are on the block. Elissa is tired of people saying she makes waves in the house. The truth is that she doesn’t talk to anyone in the house. They all make up things she says and then blame her for things.

Helen goes to inside the have-not room to cry. Elissa walks in to comfort her. The Mom-squad, yes it’s a thing, knows that they have hope if one of them is MVP. We all know as long as Elissa is in the house then she will be MVP. Elissa and Helen hug it out knowing in the back of their heads that there is still a lot of game to be played this week.

Helen approaches Aaryn to cover her butt. Helen knows she isn’t the target but she needs to play nice to power. She tells Helen that her deal of protecting each other is still on the table. Aaryn considers this deal. It would be great for her game.

You guessed it! Elissa wins MVP. She is enthralled by the announcement. Elissa tells Helen and only Helen that she won. McCrae screwed her last week when he told the whole house. She wants to put up Jeremy. But, They are entertaining the idea of putting up Kaitlin to throw the veto to her. She will win and take herself off the block. Jeremy would be the replacement nomination and ultimately backdoored without playing in the veto. The other plan is to vote Jeremy as the replacement nomination and just play their hearts out to beat him in the game. There are risks with each scenario but Elissa is siding more of just putting Jeremy up.

MVP? More Like P-I-M-P!
Nick feels like a pimp. He got all the girls going after him. First it was Jessie, now it is GinaMarie. She put the moves on strong; like if she was a guy, this would be sexual harassment. The online community still thinks Nick has his eye on one person in the house, Andy.

Veto Comp
Elissa puts Jeremy on the block. Jeremy is a cage animal unleashed, he is a man-imal. Aaryn and the HOH gang all celebrate saying Elissa is scared of Jeremy. Kaitlin thinks it was the worst move she could make to be the 3rd nominee.
Nick and Amanda are picked to play in the competition. Elissa pulls Nick aside to ask him to throw the veto. If he does then she will give him 2 weeks of safety. If not, then she will put him on the block. Nick agrees to the deal but secretly wants to play his heart out.

BB12 and BB14’s Brittany Haynes introduced us to the challenge and to her swollen belly. The girl is pregnant and about to pop! Dressed in a sexy diaper, GinaMarie host this veto. The task is to balance your baby mobile using 10 teddy bears. No animals can touch the ground. The first to balance and hit the buzzer wins!

This challenge seems hard for the contestants. Aaryn is doing this by trial and error. Amanda counters the weight of bigger animals with smaller ones. Jeremy’s animal keeps falling off as everyone else. This is a crapshoot challenge. Amanda has 10 of her animals on her mobile and she races to the buzzer. Nope, bears are touching the ground. Much like a baby Amanda needs a bottle... of vodka!

Jeremy figures out that to keep the balance of the mobile is to balance the top first then move down. Jeremy wins veto and his ego is as annoying as ever. He rips off his onesie in celebration.

CBS Redemption
Helen cries with Elissa as the ladies miss their kids. Howard comes in and prays over the house. We have a segment on how great Howard is to the house and how he is willing to read scripture and pray for anyone. This segment is the foil to the racist segment we had on Sunday. Good job CBS for redeeming the house, sort of.

Who is going up?

Kaitlin freaks out that the same thing that happened to David will happen to her. She knows she is going to go up on the block. She doesn’t want to get backdoored. Jeremy tries to comfort her but she is stressing herself out.

Jeremy does work on the Moving Company. He approaches everyone individually what the plan is this week. The problem, Jeremy is strong-handed and it offends some members. Nick and McCrae wonders who died and made him king?

Candice would love to get the guys out. During a chat with Elissa, she warns her to not put up a girl. She plants the seed that Nick and Jeremy might be working together. If you can't get the brawn then get the brain out this week.

Elissa asks Nick if Kaitlin goes up as a replacement nominee will he vote her out. He responds with uncertainty. She asks him will he vote for her. He side looks at her and takes a big gulp of water. I call this a “snickers moment” because he could take a break right about now! He says he is not in game mode, not a gamer. He needs time to think about.

So what does Elissa do? Put his lying, shady butt on the block! Tune in Thursday at 9pm eastern to find out who the house votes out and who is the new HOH.