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Aaryn and Kaitlin Up But Can Helen Back-Door Jerms?

Published On: Jul 17 2013 10:09:44 PM EDT

Don’t you love when CBS starts their show with a public statement distancing themselves from the words of the house guests? The PR team has been working overtime.

Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the block. Kaitlin feels awkward on the block. No one prepares you for those stupid sympathetic hugs people give you after the nomination ceremony. She says she is going to keep her head down and just win the veto. Aaryn knew she was getting nominated because she is outspoken, has a huge personality and is a strong competitor. Yup, nothing about her being a wretched soul. Jeremy feels he is going up by the MVP, Elissa.

Helen wants to pull the majority alliance together to discuss the MVP nominees. But, they don’t want to meet at the same time. It will draw too much attention to them. Helen tells Amanda and McCrae about Howard’s lies. Helen wants to put Spencer up to backdoor Jeremy. Amanda thinks he is weak so they should put up Howard. If, by any chance, Jeremy gets picked to play in the veto there will be a strong opponent to go against him. Amanda thinks it should be Howard. Also, he did lie to Helen about The Moving Company so there is the perfect excuse to give.

Spencer talks with Helen so she can trust him. Spencer ratted out the Moving Company to build confidence. Helen cries about the lies Spencer said. But, she plays it up so he feels bad for her.

Spencer immediately finds Howard to tell him that Helen knows he lied. Howard doesn’t know if he can fix this. Howard talks to the group and finally opens up about it. He says he didn’t want to work with Jeremy because he is a bully and he teaches children not to bully.

Elissa wins MVP. McCrae and Amanda tell Elissa that she has to put up Howard. Elissa feels used because they had a meeting without including her. She approaches Helen to see if she has been genuine with her. Elissa feels Helen is using her to do her dirty work. Basically, using her as a weapon instead of a strategic advocate.

Elissa wants to put up Spencer but Amanda wants Howard gone. Elissa doesn’t want to get blood on her hands by putting up Howard. Howard is not even the target so why create an enemy. Amanda feels Howard is a dangerous player in the house so she wants him gone. But, the decision comes down to what is better for Elissa’s game.

Elissa nominates Spencer. He accepts it because of the lies from the Moving company. The players for the veto are Helen, Spencer, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, and Candice. The house all smile when Jeremy’s name wasn’t picked. The backdoor plan is working to the T.

So who IS the target?!?!

Helen tells Candice and Spencer that Jeremy is the target. Jeremy knows he is getting backdoored. Kaitlin would feel horrible if she won veto, took herself off, then the house votes out her boyfriend Jeremy. Kaitlin doesn’t want Jeremy to go home. She pulls GM aside to tell her to leave nominations the same. If the nominations stay the same, Aaryn goes home.

Amanda advices Kaitlin if she doesn’t take herself off the block then she is going home because Kaitlin has Jeremy. She is a bigger threat than Aaryn.

Veto Comp

Going one-by-one, players must copy a wall of artwork to their own. The contestant who finishes in the shortest amount of time, wins.

Candice is first. She has to jump on a trampoline to view the paintings. The artwork are the contestants’ face on famous paintings. Helen as Mona Lisa and Jeremy as George Washington.

Aaryn hates this competition. She doesn’t like the people on the paintings and it frustrates her. GinaMarie gets distracted over the Nick painting. She says it gave her inspiration to drive harder.

Spencer wants to win this competition really bad. He will keep up with the Joneses, the Smiths, The Obamas and Kardashians. Kaitlin rocks this competition. She beat everyone with a time of 7 minutes.

Candice- 8:46
GinaMarie- 8:56
Spencer- 12: 19
Aaryn- 9:50
Kaitlin- 7:09
Helen- 8:55

Kaitlin has a decision. Does she use the veto and they backdoor Jeremy or not use the veto and possibly get sent home? Jeremy advises her to use their strengths as a bargaining tool for the love duo to stay. She wants Helen to put up Howard. Kaitlin makes a strong pitch to Helen. But, Helen cries telling her that if she doesn’t put up Jeremy the house will be bad at Helen.

Kaitlin uses the veto on herself. Helen puts up Jeremy. Who is going home tomorrow? Find out tomorrow!

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