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Alexis Murphy's aunt: Randy Taylor had no right talking to a girl her age

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:14:49 AM EST   Updated On: Aug 15 2013 11:53:46 PM EDT

The Murphy's got word today that the man accused of abducting Alexis Murphy could be out of jail in a few days.


An aunt of missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy says her family goes to bed every night hoping there will be a new break in the case, and that Alexis will be back home with her family.

Trina Murphy says Randy Taylor is trying to make people feel that Alexis is not a victim, but she is. She says Alexis was not perfect and that no child is, but Taylor had no right interacting or talking to a girl as young as Alexis. Taylor has been charged with abduction in connection to the disappearance of Alexis Murphy. She was last seen August 3. CLICK HERE to see the story about the comments from Taylor's lawyer, Randy Taylor.

When asked about the bond hearing, Trina Murphy hopes for the sake of the community that a judge will not give him bond. Taylor is scheduled for a bond hearing at 1 p.m. August 22.

Trina Murphy says the Samantha Clarke case and Alexis' case are too similar and that it seems like these young girls keep disappearing around Taylor -- and that's not a coincidence.

Trina Murphy considers Taylor a predator and feels like he was following Alexis for a long time. She knows that Alexis would have never put herself in a situation with two older men.

The Murphys are selling T-shirts with Alexis' face on them. All the proceeds go to her mom and dad. They are currently not working and need help paying the bills. CLICK HERE to see a picture of the t-shirt.

Alexis Murphy told Trina Murphy that she was going to Lynchburg to buy hair extensions for the new school year on the day that she went missing.