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Alexis Murphy's family awaits her return

Published On: Aug 17 2013 08:50:07 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 17 2013 08:50:28 PM EDT

The 17 year old would be starting captain of her volleyball team that's taking part in the tourney.


It's been two weeks since the disappearance of 17 -year -old Alexis Murphy. Her accused kidnapper is in custody, but Murphy is still nowhere to be found.

Saturday morning, Murphy was supposed to play in a volleyball tournament at her high school; instead the team had to move forward without their captain.

Pink hair bows and shoe strings ushered in a win for the Nelson County girl volleyball team this morning. But noticeably the team captain is missing.

“We know we got to stay strong. We put her jersey on the bench with us, so we’re still thinking about her, but the girls are looking forward to play,” said coach and cousin Jasmine Murphy.

In the stands, attendees wore shirts with Murphy's picture. The same ones were also sold to help a family who's terribly missing the 17-year-old teen they haven't seen for two weeks.

“Obviously we're frustrated to some degree that we still don't have a resolution but our faith and our hope has not wavered,” said aunt, Trina Murphy.

Their faith isn’t wavering despite Murphy's accused kidnapper's silence. Randy Taylor is in custody in connection to her disappearance. He says he wasn't the last person to see her. But family members aren't buying it and have a message for him.

“I want you to tell me where my niece is. I want you to find some semblance of a soul or heart because I think even the most sadistic and evil person has maybe a half of ounce of good in them,” said Trina.

Faith in God is what this family says sees them through. Today, the hope is for Alexis's safe homecoming.

“I just want her home because she's missing the best part of her year, her high school senior year. This is her senior year,” said Laura Murphy.

Randy Taylor is expected to be in court Thursday for a bond hearing.