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Angry teachers and parents call foul on Patrick County school leaders

Published On: Jul 18 2013 07:39:55 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 18 2013 07:54:07 PM EDT

They say many teachers were re-assigned to different jobs unfairly. Tonight the school board is giving answers but it's not what the community wants to hear.


Angry teachers and parents are calling foul on school leaders in Patrick County. They say many teachers were re-assigned to different jobs unfairly.

The school board gave answers Thursday, but it's not what the community wants to hear.

It boils down to 10 teachers the school board reassigned.

Their friends say it was done because of personality differences.

The superintendent says quote, "it's a bunch of small town junk."

Class is out for the summer and schools are closed.

But in the heat of the summer here at Patrick County High School emotions got hotter.

The room of school staff and parents argued with the board asking for teachers to be reinstated to their original school and dignity restored in the county.

"The last couple of years have been very disturbing to see what we felt like is a wonderful reputation being destroyed,” Barbara Pendleton, a retired teacher, said.

The issue escalated this summer. The board hired an outside investigator to look into their decisions. He recently resigned.

The superintendent says most of the drama started after former Virginia Attorney General Mary Sue Terry busted into a closed school board meeting. The chairman of the board sent her a letter asking her to never come back.

"I was going to come to this meeting whether you gave me permission or not. That letter had absolutely no force and effect,” Terry said.

Terry put the board on the spot asking for specific answers and having no shame calling each board member out.

Superintendent Roger Morris says the teachers have no valid argument since reassignments happen in all school districts.

"I think that the validity of their arguments are not sound, I think that we certainly want to listen to them. I think we try to be very flexible," Morris said.

Thursday was the first time the community got the chance to address the entire board.

They say the board is ethically wrong.