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Are you covered?

Published On: Jul 18 2013 09:30:41 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 18 2013 11:42:23 PM EDT

After the recent, record setting rain many in our area are faced with questions about their homeowners insurance and water damage

After the recent, record setting rain many in our area are faced with questions about their home owners policies and water damage.

Even those who live in more elevated areas are having problems.

The Decamara family didn't have rushing water come into their home, they didn't have six feet of standing water in their basement. But they do see frequent water damage and are worried about the future of their home and confused about how to protect it.

A standard home owner's insurance policy covers water damage caused by a broken or bursting pipe. But homeowners beware; you'll need supplemental policies to cover other kinds of water accidents.

Caleb Mann of Farmer's Insurance says, "water and sewer back up coverage is necessary.  It's meant to cover water damage that might occur from any type of system that's supposed to take water away from the house." "The third is flood coverage and it is actual flood coverage."

Without those two pieces of supplemental coverage to go along with your existing policy, families like the DeCamaras find themselves with a potentially expensive problem.

"You would think water runs downhill but it must run right into our house."
"It comes in and it floods our basement and we have to push it all the way to the other side of the basement into one drain," Kristin DeCamara told Your Hometown News Leader.

The DeCamaras' basement didn't look like it sustained substantial damage, but they're worried the consistent presence of water could cause other issues.

"We are worried about mold situations behind some of the walls and some of the things that we can't see," said DeCamara.

Still, with all the times, this family has dealt with water issues; supplemental insurance has never been top of mind.

DeCamara told WDBJ7, "we didn't feel we needed it being on a hill like this and we had never had problems."

And that's where insurance professionals come in. They can help assess your specific needs.

"They need to talk to their agents and find out what their policy covers. And they should actually start the conversation with what does my policy not cover?" Mann said.

A question the Decamaras are sure to do in the future.