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Big Brother 15 Recap: 3 AM UnMasked

Published On: Aug 18 2013 09:05:40 PM EDT

Aaryn is HOH! This is her 4th time winning. But, will she actually do something exciting or just follow Amanda’s cues to the T? I am still shocked Amanda couldn’t win this because this potential win was handed to her. Aaryn feels weary of this win; her target grew.

Amanda is upset that she lost. She cannot win anything. Demanda is the only one in the house that has not won a competition. This lost drives Amanda off the sane-street. She cries in the storage room behind a trash can. That lasted for over 30 minutes.

Elissa is worried about Aaryn reigning as HOH. Helen advises her to talk to Aaryn. Don’t feel defeated, it is a game. These are the advice Helen gives.

The words kept coming out of Helen’s mouth but now to Aaryn. She tells her that she is better than Janelle. Umm what?!?! Stop, the cameras and focus on the jury house. I am done with the house.

Amanda wants to make a big move by targeting Helen. She wants Aaryn to put up Elissa and Helen. They tell her the target is Elissa and they need Helen to go up as a pawn to prevent Elissa gathering votes. Also, they can not have the risk of Helen playing in the veto and taking Elissa off the block. Therefore, Aaryn has to put up Elissa and Helen.

Initially, Aaryn wants to put up Spencer instead of Helen. Amanda wants to speak to Helen to warn her why she is going up. It looks like Aaryn is on board with this plan.

3 AM Dissect

Amanda- the mastermind
Aaryn- the beast
Andy - the agent
McCrae- the enforcer

Is Aaryn Special-Agent Phillip from Survivor? She gives everyone nicknames for the alliance. I would change it to

Amanda- the bully
Aaryn- the racist
Andy- the snitch
McCrae- the enabler

Aaryn’s HOH room.

Amanda heckles Aaryn’s HOH room. She takes her blanket because she believes it is a ‘winning’ blanket. Then, Aaryn gets a headband which is Amanda’s thing. She responds by saying production probably figured she would win tonight so they put it in the HOH basket. Amanda also took Aaryn’s shirt which is shocking that it could fit her well-endowed chest.

Elissa is on a breakdown. She wanted to win this HOH to see her kids. Her son is about to go into the third grade. A mom cannot miss her child’s first day of third grade because it is so important. Eye-roll.

Elissa continues her emotional breakdown by saying if she goes to jury she will leave to go home. Helen gets pissed that she won't stay to vote for her or Andy if they make it to the end. Helen goes into the HOH room to throw Elissa in front of everyone. She immediately cries to garner attention and sympathy from the house. Was this a good move?

The whole room bash Elissa and her family. Since she married rich, they feel she is entitled in life and in the game.

Have, Have-Not Competition

It is girls vs guys, by chance. The goal of the competition is to go inside a huge black box. It is pitch-dark in the box and the teams have to find a key. It is rigged with contraptions to mess with the players.

The girls team is first. The key is hidden outside 3 buckets on the table. Gina Marie actually finds it for the team. The guys team go and they are fast. Aaryn is also on the guys team but she is a have no matter what. Spencer finds the key but have a hard time finding the exit.

Girls Team: 7:21
Guys Team: 3:41

Girls are have nots for the week. But, this did not stop pep-talker Helen from congratulating the guys. Gosh, she is so annoying.

Aaryn puts up Elissa and Helen on the block. Find out Wednesday who wins the veto. Miniature spoilers, prepare for the return of OTEV!

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