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Big Brother 15 Recap: Aaryn Finds Out She Is A Racist

Published On: Aug 30 2013 02:21:47 AM EDT

Andy and Aaryn are on the block. This has been pro-mode for Elissa’s HOH reign. However, Queen Amanda is not pleased at all. One of her minions will leave the house.

Amanda is still a capital B to Elissa. Elissa has somehow got into her head this week by not listening to the brat. Its like not having control drives Amanda crazy.

Well her actions are noticed by everyone. Andy takes the time to gather up support to stay this week. He says he is not being McCrasty’s puppet. Andy, Judd, GinaMarie and Spencer align themselves to take out the rats. They are the exterminators. Really, they call themselves the exterminators.

Aaryn is lost, now, that Amanda and McCrae don’t have her back. She literally did all the work for them and they do not return anything in favor for her deeds. She is screwed. She approaches Judd and Spencer but they are wishy-washy. Aaryn tries to win Amanda’s favor by calling out Spencer. Amanda calls out Spencer in front of her. Spencer denies the claim. This ultimately makes Aaryn look bad. Man, she stinks at this game.

BB Couples

Throughout the history of Big Brother, there have been couples that emerged from the house. Most famously, Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon currently, McCranda.

CBS showed a segment on these couples. Up first, Brenchel! Rachel and Brendon seem sweet. I am biased. They want to have the first BB babies before Danielle and Dominic. Speaking of them, they recently got married. Jeff and Jordan comment on McCranda’s relationship. They are an odd-couple but opposites do attract. The two hinted at starting a big family! We will wait to see who will pop out the first BB Baby.

Last Plea

Aaryn gives a rehearsed speech about loving the game. She already knows she is leaving so she doesn’t even try. Andy gives a weird proclamation speech. Does he think he is funny? He will be shocked when he leaves the house!

Live Vote

Judd: Aaryn
Amanda: Aaryn
McCrae: Aaryn
Spencer: Aaryn

Aaryn is evicted unanimous.

Facing The Music

Aaryn walks out the door and we all wait for this highly anticipated match-up. Julie Chen versus Aaryn, the racist. There are people who cheer Aaryn on but she has some boos. Julie asks her why McCranda saved Andy and why she hates Elissa. But, these are all easy questions for the Chen-smackdown!

Julie tells her that early in the game some of her comments were perceived as racist. She asks her how does she respond to it. Aaryn blames it on being southern and her comments taking out of context. So what does Queen Julie do when the racist doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions? She gives direct quotes! Aaryn got owned. She had the nerve to say her and Candice were great friends. I am just done with Aaryn. I will be shocked if she doesn’t self-evict from jury to just go home. She has been defamed.

Big Hopportunity

For this HOH competition, players will hop to victory. They must navigate 12 eggs through chicken wire to a hole. Once they freed their egg, they must hop it to their basket. A victor will be crowned once a player collects a dozen eggs. Beware, the player with the fewest eggs has to wear a chicken suit for 48 hours. With my chubby finger, I will probably suit up for the next 2 days. cluck-cluck

Find out Sunday who wins this challenge and who did they nominate for eviction.

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