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Big Brother 15 Recap: Big Brother's 500th Episode!

Published On: Sep 05 2013 10:15:25 PM EDT

Amanda thinks its personal that she is on the block. GinaMarie defends her nomination that they are more powerful than her solo. Amanda thinks she is jealous of her.

Amanda and Elissa talk. It has come down to Amanda groveling at her feet. In her mind, she thinks this is a lost cause. But, Elissa actually considers this deal. Everyone plans on putting her up next week. So, it could buy her safety. It makes sense to keep a bigger target in the house. Elissa agrees to keep Amanda in the game. The girls switch jewelry as collateral to promise each other safety. Andy pops his head in. He freaks out and pops out. This will out him if he doesn’t vote to keep Amanda.

Andy has a plan to frame Elissa. The vote will be 2-2. Andy will pretend like he voted for Amanda and Elissa voted against her. Who will McCrae believe?

Live Vote

Fun Fact: Spencer and Amanda were nominated during the last double eviction night. Candice was voted and then Judd. This is Big Brother’s 500th episode.

Judd: Amanda
McCrae: Spencer
Elissa: Spencer
Andy: Amanda

It is a tie and GinaMarie has to decide who leaves. She told Amanda to ‘get the steppin’ with Nick’s hat on. Amanda leaves the house by accusing Andy of not voting to keep her.

Amanda receives a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. She takes note of it. Chenbot asks her if she is a bully. Amanda says she is not a bully and hates them. She was honest with people and people didn’t want to hear the truth. She regrets bullying Elissa. After the goodbye message, she knows Elissa voted to keep her and Andy voted her out. Andy exposed his alliance to garnish a jury vote.

HOH Competition- Go Fetch

Players race to retrieve 2 dog bones in a pit. McCrae grabs the first bone. Elissa is soon after with her bone. Judd returns a bone and its a three way tie. McCrae finds his second bone and wins HOH.

McCrae nominates GinaMarie and Elissa. Why would he put up someone who helped his showmance?

Veto Competition - BB 500

They have to move a prop through a maze. Andy makes quick work but he gets held up and everyone else joins him. Judd wins the veto.

Veto Ceremony
Judd doesn’t use the veto on anyone. Last night, he flipped off Elissa. It seems the house is throwing Elissa under the bus for masterminding Judd’s eviction.

Live Vote

Spencer: Elissa
Judd: Elissa
Andy: Elissa

Elissa is evicted and she doesn’t hug a soul. Elissa thinks McCrae stabbed Amanda in the back instead of Andy. What?!?!!?

Find out Sunday who wins HOH and who is nominated.

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