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Big Brother 15 Recap: Don't Be A Chicken With Your Noms

Published On: Sep 01 2013 09:00:29 PM EDT

We last left the house hopping for the HOH. Are you ready for this egg-tastic competition? Yeah, that was pretty corny.

The object of the game is to collect 12 eggs from the coop to win. Elissa feels like a sitting duck if McCranda wins this competition. GinaMarie will rely on ‘The Exterminators’ now that Aaryn is gone. GinaMarie is the first to gather an egg. McCrae’s hair is an hinderance for him because it blocks his vision.

It is clear that the top two are GinaMarie and Andy. The girl pulled it out. GinaMarie gives props to her second HOH win to Aaryn and Nick. Judd and Spencer got punished with a chicken suit. Amanda already plays mind games on GM by noting Elissa sent her best friend home.

The exterminators are happy for the GM win. McCrae and Amanda want GM to put up spencer and Elissa. If one goes down then Judd will go up. Basically, everyone is targeting the couple and they do not know. Elissa can’t wait for them to get a taste of their own medicine, hmm bitter.

Judd and Spencer have to wear chicken suits because they came in last place during the challenge. Judd looks like a chicken nugget standing next to Spencer. Luckily, the guys only have to wear the suits for 48 hours.

Amanda approaches GinaMarie about her vote. She throws Elissa under the bus. Demanda suggests putting up Judd as well because he enables her. Amanda’s reasoning is to put up two people that won’t offend the rest of the house. Unfortunately, that means Amanda and McCrae.

GM’s HOH room

Elissa is overly happy for GinaMarie’s room. This pisses off Amanda. Those two are about to knock the plastic out of her. Too much tension but GinaMarie doesn’t care because she got a photo of Nick.

Elissa complains about Amanda and she walks in. Amanda threatens that she will be nominated soon. Elissa laughs in her face. Unbeknownst to Amanda, she will be in that seat. The two get in a little spat. Amanda calls her out for being mean, fake and having a joker-like face. Amanda projects her insecurities on Elissa because she wants to be her.

Amanda is still on a torment against Elissa. Looking at track-record, Amanda hated Howard, Jessie and now Elissa, passionately. McCrae advises his queen to play the victim. Amanda cries because Elissa is so “evil” and “mean.” She feels that Elissa antagonizes her.

Andy gives advice to Elissa to just walk away when Amanda approaches her. So when Amanda approaches Elissa she walks away and Amanda takes it as an insult. She blames Elissa for everything even not spending time with her. Who would spend time with someone who bullies you and then spin it in their favor? Amanda is a 100% hypocrite. At least GinaMarie can sniff through her Bull.

Luxury Comp

The bottom floor of the house is covered in balloons. Abandoned in a sea of balloons is 10 grand. The first player to ring in with 3 chips, a 1 chip, 0 chip, and k chip will win the cash prize. Judd and McCrae already won 5k and Amanda wants this 10k. Elissa imagines Amanda’s face on the balloon she pops. Hopefully, each popped balloon is a greater chance Amanda leaves this week. Spencer wins the 10k. This 10k will go nice with his Bahama vacation he won in the veto comp.

Amanda reiterates her plan to GinaMarie to put up Elissa because everyone will be enraged. The object of the HOH is not to have people gunning for you the week after. McCranda tries so hard to influence GM but she is not budging.

GinaMarie nominates McCrae and Amanda and it is glorious. It took 71 days for this to happen but it finally arrived. Even with GinaMarie having trouble saying 'dynamic,' GinaMarie's speech as golden. She called out McCrae for not having the fire in his eyes anymore. Then, GM calls Amanda crazy!

Find out on Wednesday who wins the veto.

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