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Big Brother 15 Recap: Here We Go Again

Published On: Jun 27 2013 05:32:59 AM EDT   Updated On: Jun 27 2013 04:45:16 PM EDT
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By WDBJ7 blogger LaRell Reynolds

Big Brother is back for the summer so this means my social life has vanished. Seriously, this the season to watch complete strangers 24/7 without looking like a weirdo, sorta.

I bought the Live Feeds this season so you bet I will get hooked. Also, Big Brother: After Dark has moved from Showtime to TVGN (TV Guide Network).

Julie Chen opens up the premier with a slight tour of the house. But, we are all stunned by the outside of the house or what we call the studio. It seems CBS put a budget to the set design. Maybe it has to do with Canada’s BB putting our old house to shame.

Time to meet the contestants. This is the section in which I judge, JUDGE HARD on the contestants. Some standouts are a gay ginger -gaynger, Rachel Reilly’s sister- Elissa, pizza delivery boy - McCrae, and youth counselor Howard who looks like a famous black athlete I can’t put my finger on.

The contestants enter the house. Candice, the girl who didn’t know she was adopted until 26, wanted to start an all-girl alliance. She notes that there hasn’t been one in the history of BB:USA. Kaitlin doesn’t want to join. She may be onto something as she remarks that girls are catty and bring too much drah-ma!

Can we go back to Candice, the mixed girl who found out she was adopted at 26. Girl, how can you look at your family and be, “Why am I the only dark one here” or “Why do I have such beautiful hair?” Her observational skills are questionable, at best.

The cast do introductions. Ginamarie has to tell the group that her puppies are real. I guess she is not ashamed of what she is working with. McCrae has a fancy for Howard. If he was gay, he would tear him apart! Get it Guuurrrrl (if he was gay).

No one believes McCrae is a pizza delivery boy. We can thank Ian for the paradigm that geeky looking guys must be super-smart. But really, he has no ambition in his life other than delivery under 30 minutes. #sorrynotsorry

The Start of Alliances

Howard, Spencer and Jeremy create a “secret” alliance. Then, Jeremy makes another with Jessie and David. McCrae walked in on the trio and they had an awkward exchange.

The Twists

Each week 3 people will be nominated for eviction. The HOH will nominate 2 people just like normal. America will vote on a MVP of the week. This person will anonymously nominate another player right before the veto competition. Floaters, grab that life vest.

HOH Competition

The first HOH competition of the summer gets the cast sticky. It is called popsicle factory. Each player climbs their popsicle and wait it out. The last to hold on wins safety for the week. As the house hangs on, they are sprayed by paint and licked by a plastic tongue.

5 minutes into this competition Judd is out. He says he threw it. Howard is next off. A few more of the house drops off. Aaryn is now the only female left to fend off Nick, Jeremy, McCrae, and David. Aaryn drops off around the 3 hour mark.

Julie Chen offers an incentive for the next two to quit. Jeremy won a have-not pass for the rest of the season. This means he cannot be a have-not. The final 2 are nick and McCrae. McCrae promises to keep Nick safe. This is music to his ears because he can guarantee safety and not put a target on his back. Nick instantly jumps off to allow McCrae the win.

On Sunday we find out who McCrae nominates. To watch the premiere episode click here. Make sure you use #WDBJ7BB on twitter to get your tweets to me.