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Big Brother 15 Recap: How Elissa Will Not Be Amanda's Puppet

Published On: Aug 25 2013 08:56:38 PM EDT

We last left the house fighting for the HOH competition. There are 4 jury members fighting for a chance back in the house. Who will return? Who will win HOH?

Amanda is angry because she doesn’t want any jury member to come back. Andy is worried because he was BFFs with each jury member before he voted them out. Elissa knows she has to win this competition to remain safe in the game.

McCrae and Spencer fall off at the 20 minute mark. These balls are pitched so fast that it hurts the players on the ledge. As the players remain concentrated, mascots come out to distract the players. Also, a crazy fan and security make a scene to break concentration.

Helen tells the fellow jurors intel in-case she doesn’t win this game. She is doing this to help Elissa’s game. Andy falls and the only 3AM member remaining is Amanda. We all know she is not the competition winner of the group.

Jessie is the first juror to fall off. She falls off in a storm. Here is a NSFW clip of what she really screamed as she ran off.

Elissa is in the lead right now with Amanda hot on her heels. Helen falls off and the jury competition is between Candice and Judd. Therefore, Judd is coming back. No shade to Candice, but she is clearly not going to win.

It is official, Judd returns to the Big Brother house. Aaryn has a panic attack. She is the reason he was sent home. Judd promises to start a clean slate with everyone. Judd falls off the wall and hopes Amanda doesn’t win.

Elissa has 7 balls, only 3 more to win. Elissa tries to catch a ball but falls on her butt. However, she is not out and gets back up. Elissa falls off again but this time its worse. She is literally hanging by her arms. She has enough muscle strength to pull herself up.

Elissa catches another ball and she has one more to go. A ball flies straight to her and she wins HOH. Elissa is in power. She runs right to Judd for a hug. Everyone in the house fakes excitement for her.

You Can’t Control Elissa

Elissa damage controls Judd’s eviction. She smooths her relationship after his eviction. Judd didn’t hug her when he left the house. Judd promises her that he has no alliance and that he is Switzerland.

Andy, Aaryn, GinaMarie have no idea what Elissa is going to do. Aaryn cries in the Diary Room. Umm, Helen told you that if you evict her then Elissa will target you. So, you shouldn’t have made Helen the target last week. #SorryNotSorry

Amanda tries to control Elissa but she is a strong woman. Aaryn is Elissa’s target this week. Elissa wants a strong opponent to compete against Aaryn. Elissa wants to put McCrae up. This freaks out Amanda. It is win-win for Elissa because it will create friction between Aaryn and McCranda’s relationship.

HOH Room

We get to see Elissa’s pictures and basket. Her HOH letter is from Rachel, her sis! Her basket is full of healthy snacks and this doesn’t appease the McCranda’s butt smoochers.

Amanda is on a downward spiral. She feels defeated that she cannot control someone’s HOH. Amanda’s plan is to put GinaMarie up with Aaryn. But will Elissa buy it? NOPE!

Elissa wants to make sure that everyone has an equal shot of going up just to make sure Aaryn goes home this week. If she see someone throwing the veto, she will nominate that person if the veto is used. She is not messing around this week.

Elissa’s plan is to nominate McCrae and Aaryn. This will light a fire under his butt to win POV. But her real plan is if Aaryn wins the veto then she will just replace her with Amanda who is Elissa’s second target. Win-Win!

Juddlissa Is Born

Judd and Elissa pledge their allegiance to each other. Elissa has no one and neither does Judd. It makes perfect sense.

Aaryn approaches Elissa to throw Amanda and McCrae under the bus. But, didn't last week you have the opportunity to split them up? Elissa tells her every time she tried to work with her she has lied to Elissa. She works so hard in the game but for Amanda. Elissa basically called her Amanda's puppet.

Elissa ends up sticking to her guns by nominating McCrae and Aaryn. OMG someone has a brain in the house and doesn't want to let Amanda win. #shocking

And To whoever doubted Elissa's prowess... #beastmode

Big Brother 15 HOH

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