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Big Brother 15 Recap: It's 3:01am, You Are Late

Published On: Aug 14 2013 08:57:18 PM EDT

Andy put Jessie and Spencer on the block. This is Jessie’s fourth time on the block. Her plan is to win the veto and hope Amanda replaces her on the block to make a big move in the game. Amanda is elated about the nominations since she hates Jessie. Helen is disappointed and reevaluates Andy’s allegiance to her.

Andy pulls Spencer aside to assure him not to worry this week. Spencer’s plan is to stay cool and be funny. He doesn’t trust anyone in the house. Andy approaches Jessie to tell her she is not the target. Gaynger doesn’t want to get blood on his hands. Andy is lying to her so she won’t freak-out.

Its 2:59

Aaryn and Amanda agree that Jessie needs to go this week. Andy and McCrae join in on the conversation. The four solidify a new final 4 deal. Aaryn comes up with a name 3 A.M. Aaryn believe this alliance will take her a lot farther than Helen.

Helen is worried about Andy and his nomination. She wants to keep him close. The last thing she wants is for her to get backdoored by alerting Andy that she is on to him.

Helen and Elissa talk about a possible backdoor. Elissa mentions the possibility of McCrae or Amanda. Helen informs her that he won’t do it this week but maybe in a few weeks. The reality is Andy is playing both sides of the house.

Andy snitches on Helen to Amanda. This worries Amanda so she wants to make a fake alliance with Helen so she won’t target her. The first opportunity they have they need to get out Helen. Andy agrees.

McCrae puts the plan into motion in creating the fake alliance. McCrae tells Helen that he cannot beat Amanda in the end. If they are the final 3, the pizza boy will take Helen to the end. Lies.

Veto Competition

The house picks players for the veto comp. Since there is no MVP, there will only be 2 nominees. Jessie, Andy and Spencer pull a chip with house guest’s name on it. Andy pulls Helen, Jessie pulls Elissa and Spencer pulls Amanda. McCrae is the host.

Right before the veto, Helen pulls Andy in a room with McCrae about the fake alliance. Well, it is real to Helen. Amanda walks in to make sure everyone is on the same page. McCrae predicts the next veto challenge will be Hold It or Fold it. McCrae advises everyone to just fold until the last few rounds. The house decides for Helen to win. Amanda thinks its best for Helen to win because she will have power. Resulting in believing in the final 4 deal with Andy, her and McCrae.

The backyard is dressed like a Hollywood film set. This is a counting competition, Hold it or Fold it. The house correctly predicted it. To win the veto, a player must win 3 movie tickets. To win a ticket, the player has to be the closest numerically to the answer. If they are the furthest from the number, they are eliminated. Players have the option to stay or fold. The plan is for everyone to fold and let Helen win.

Round one, everyone folds but Helen. She earns 1 ticket. Round 2, everyone folds put Helen. She earns a second movie ticket. Helen needs to win one more ticket. Round 3, Spencer and Helen stay. He doesn’t want to throw this competition because he is on the block. Well, he wins a movie ticket and knocks out Helen. The plan is over.

Round 4, Now the plan has gone haywire everyone is playing for themselves. Amanda, Elissa, and Andy stay. Andy wins a movie ticket and Amanda gets eliminated. Spencer screwed the whole thing up and now he is worried Jessie might win.

Round 5, Elissa, Jessie and Andy stay. Elissa wins a ticket and Jessie gets eliminated.

Round 6, all players have 1 ticket each. Who ever wins this last question, wins the veto. Andy and Spencer stay while Elissa folds. It takes a while to realize how dumb that move was. Andy wins the veto.

Andy walks up to his room and wow Amanda and McCrae are laying in his bed. Amanda has been acting HOH for such a long time. Anyways, the 3 talk about who should go home between Jessie and Spencer. They discuss Spencer’s shadiness over the veto. Spencer walks in to do major damage control.

Jessie pitches to Andy to get rid of Amanda this week. He will have the whole house working with him. The only one who would hate the power move is McCrae. Well, unbeknownst to Jessie, he has solidify a final 3 with Amanda so he isn't budging.

Helen stupidly told McCrae to take out Amanda before the final 4. Of course he told Amanda. Now they want Helen out ASAP.

Andy doesn't use the veto which is a first this season of Big Brother. The veto has been used every week until now.

Find out tomorrow who goes home and who is the next HOH.

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