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Big Brother 15 Recap: Jessie or Spencer?

Published On: Aug 15 2013 10:28:05 PM EDT

Jessie and Spencer are still on the block. So this week should be easy?? Right? Don’t think so. The plan is to evict Jessie but keep her in the dark. Jessie asks around to see if she is still the pawn. She feels safe.

Jessie feels excluded from Helen and Elissa this week. She takes it very personally. Jessie notices how much time Helen spends with Spencer. She questions her loyalty. Jessie tells Andy all of this. So Andy quickly informs Helen and Elissa to get better poker faces. Helen is annoyed that Jessie needs so much affirmation.

Jessie, Helen, Aaryn and Elissa are in the HOH room. The group talks about Judd. If he didn’t say a word in the house he could've gone further. If he was MVP, why wouldn’t he try to backdoor Amanda harder unless he was trying to let someone take the fall. Helen points out that Judd used Jessie as the fall-guy.

This pisses off Jessie. She felt Helen threw her under the bus in front of Aaryn. Helen tells her that everyone knows this and Jessie freaks out. She addresses why Helen is so distant this week. Helen is mad that Jessie tried to flip the house against Amanda last week. The two girls fight. Helen is caught in lies.

Jessie approaches Amanda and McCrae about last week’s plotting. Amanda knows Elissa and Helen have wanted her gone so Amanda calls a house meeting. Hey, why not take the target off Amanda’s back!

Jessie and Helen go at it more times. Basically, they are stuck in the house so there is nothing better to do. Everyone eavesdrops on the conversation. AND everyone knows Helen back-paddles her loyalty to Amanda. She really wanted her gone but didn’t have the votes.

Jessie finds out that she is the target this week. She is upset and if she is going out, she is bringing the house down. AND SHE DOES!

Jessie starts off complaining about the liars in the game. Umm.. this is Big Brother. Jessie tells GinaMarie that Aaryn talks bad about her. GM tells Aaryn this. Aaryn gets upset that Jessie brings her name up. Aaryn wants this to drop and GM won’t do this. Aaryn storms out and GinaMarie gets pissed. She follows her around like a barking dog. GM wakes up everyone in the house. Ironically, it is 3am. Everyone comes into the HOH room. GinaMarie blows this situation out of the water. Aaryn acts like a spoiled brat. It is very entertaining.

Julie Talks With The House

Julie asks Aaryn why tempers are running high in the house. Aaryn tells her that the numbers are dwindling and the stress is getting to them. Andy answered why Judd was sent to jury if it was emotional. Apparently he was “awesome.” Julie asks Helen why there has been no big moves and the house has voted unanimous. Helen says Judd was a big move and it will get entertaining soon. Unbeknownst to her, she will be the one leaving next week.

Live Vote

Jessie pleads for her life and she didn’t raise hell. Spencer gives his nephew a happy birthday. It was a pretty happy ‘last words.’

Amanda: Jessie
McCrae: Jessie
Aaryn: Jessie
Helen: Jessie
Elissa: Jessie
GinaMarie: Jessie

Jessie is evicted by a vote of 6-0. Andy is visibly in tears. Well this is the second week in a row so he better win now or he will feel stupid for voting out his allies. Jessie felt it was important to leave an impression on the game. She wanted to blow up people’s game. Jessie setups Helen vs. Amanda. Boy, did she correctly have the pulse on the game.

HOH Competition.

This is a kockout competition. Squaring off one-on-one, if you get it right, you knock off your opposer and pick the next two people. If you get it wrong, then, you are out. The answers are HOH, Have/HaveNot or Veto.

Round one is GinaMarie vs. Helen. Helen NEEDS to win this. GinaMarie beats out Helen. hahahahaa! She picks Spencer and Elissa.

Round two, the answer is veto and Elissa’s hand hovers over it but she doubts herself. Spencer knocks her out.

Round three is GinaMarie and McCrae. He buzzes in first with Veto. McCrae picks Spencer and Aaryn to go at it.

Round four, Aaryn beats out Spencer with Have/Have Not.

Round five is Amanda and McCrae. The loverboy basically threw it for Amanda to be in the last round.

Aaryn accidentally wins her 4th HOH win. Amanda is pissed she couldn’t win after getting carried to the last round. Man, she stinks. and you know Aaryn didn’t want to win this one.

Before the episode ends, Julie Chen gives us a twist. One member of the jury and the person evicted next week will compete to enter back in the house. They have a 25% chance of joining the game. This is huge.

Find out Sunday who Aaryn put up for eviction.

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