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Big Brother 15 Recap: Lets Play Ball After You Bawl!

Published On: Aug 22 2013 10:03:59 PM EDT

Helen and Spencer are on the block. Helen finally figures out that she is the target. She tries to rally votes but she doesn’t have Andy. She approaches him about choosing sides in the game. There is a good side and a bad side. Does Andy want to align himself with the bad side of the house who bullies him?

Apparently, yes because Andy quickly informed Amanda on Helen’s shenanigans.

Amanda is pissed off at Helen for attacking her on a personal level when Amanda attacks her on a game level. Well, in Helen’s favor, Amanda pays on a personal level in her game level. Amanda talks with McCrae and Spencer to see if she really is a bully. Spencer thinks she is assertively honest. Everyone laughs.

Elissa doesn’t want helen to go. Her and Helen approach GinaMarie about Amanda’s tactics. If Helen goes then Elissa will go after GM/Aaryn. The trio agree to threaten Andy by going after him next week. Elissa and Helen say this to Andy and you can see his shifty eyes get scared.

Julie Talks With The House

She shows a montage of the Have, Have-Not Competition. GinaMarie made another Nick reference, who would have guessed? Julie showed clips of Elissa in beast-mode during the veto comp. Andy was shocked to see himself get injured.

Live Vote

Helen pleads her BB life to the house. But did it help her?

McCrae: Helen
Amanda: Helen
Elissa: Spencer
Andy: Helen
GinaMarie: Helen

Helen is evicted by a vote of 4-1. Helen knew she couldn’t trust Andy when he didn't put up Amanda and McCrae. Helen felt Judd was more dangerous than Amanda. Everyone wanted Amanda out instead of Judd.

Jury Competition

CBS provided a montage of the jury house. Julie breaks the news to the house that a jury member will re-enter. Andy looks like he saw a ghost. His game is ruined. Elissa is ecstatic!

The jury members enter the house and everyone runs to give them hugs. Elissa and Candice seem to be the most visible happy to see one another.

Lets Play Ball!

The competition is the same for both house and jury members. Be the first to catch 10 balls without falling off the wall, wins. If the juror is the first to collect 10 balls then they are the HOH and will return to the game.

Jessie catches the first ball. A sprinkler doozes the players in the face. This is an endurance competition yet physical. Find out Sunday which juror makes it back in the game and who is HOH.

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