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Big Brother 15 Recap: The Finale

Published On: Sep 19 2013 01:45:30 AM EDT

The final 3 are GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy. Lets jump in where we left off in Part 1 of the HOH competition. It is every one for himself. The three are holding on to a rope that is circling around a disco platform. Spencer spins around and around and he falls off. GinaMarie is a pro at skating while Andy looks shaky. I guess this is GM’s comp to lose. The competition doesn’t last 30 minutes. GinaMarie is the clear winner. Andy and Spencer will face-off in Part 2.

Part 2

Squaring off by the fastest time, players must scale a wall and put the evicted houseguests in the right order. Andy being light and smart basically gave him this win. Spencer had trouble getting himself up the wall. Andy advances to round 3 to face against GinaMarie.

GinaMarie realizes she can’t beat Andy in the finals. But, he deserves money over Spencer. This dilemma eats at GinaMarie.

Jury Time With Will Kirby

Will Kirby surprises the jury by showing up to their round table. McCrae joined the jury and immediately apologize to Elissa. Amanda calls out Elissa for being passive-aggressive. Elissa defends herself by saying she is not use to being around these types of people. Breaking, Candice and Aaryn are now friends. They buried the hatchet. Will asked what was Andy’s biggest move. Elissa said it was him framing her during the second double eviction. They went to Spencer and agreed he was the biggest pawn during the season. He did have a hard road from the get-go.

Part 3
This part is when Julie asks the players questions from the jury.
Round 1: GinaMarie: 1 Andy: 1
Round 2: GinaMarie: 1 Andy: 1
Round 3: GinaMarie: 1 Andy: 2
Round 4: GinaMarie: 2 Andy: 3
Round 5: GinaMarie: 2 Andy: 4
Round 6: GinaMarie: 3 Andy: 4
Round 7: GinaMarie: 3 Andy: 4
Round 8: GinaMarie: 4 Andy: 5

Andy is the final Head of Household. He evicts Spencer. Spencer joins the rest of the jury. Their reaction was meh. Before the jury get to vote, they get to ask the finalist questions. Andy is very articulate while GinaMarie is very.. GinaMarie. This is Educator vs. Uneducated.

Jury Votes

Spencer: Andy
McCrae: Andy
Judd: GinaMarie
Elissa: Andy
Amanda: Andy
Aaryn: GinaMarie
Helen: Andy
Jessie: Andy
Candice: Andy

Andy wins Big Brother 15 by a vote of 7-2. GinaMarie instantly finds Nick. Elissa wins America’s favorite player by a landslide.