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Big Brother 15 Recap: The Real Mean Girls of Big Brother

Published On: Jul 26 2013 01:13:42 AM EDT   Updated On: Jul 26 2013 01:40:24 AM EDT

The plastics are up for eviction. And by plastics I hope you have watched the movie Mean Girls. Aaryn is Regina Goerge, Kaitlin as Gretchen Weiners and GinaMarie as the dumb Karen. Will the Queen Bee get stunned by getting voted out? Perhaps, this week has been fetch.

Julie opens the show by confirming to America we overwhelming voted to put Aaryn on the block. But since Judd already put her up, Elissa went up as the second choice. GinaMarie was our third choice.

Aaryn pulls a strategic move out of her butt. Play victim and play weak. She pleads to Judd and Jessie that she will be the most loyal person in the house. Aaryn throws Kaitlin under the bus while Kaitlin thinks she is the pawn. Kaitlin wants to play low-key so she doesn’t come off as a target. But, Aaryn is working overtime to keep herself safe.

Judd, Jessie, Helen and Elissa consider keeping Aaryn in the game. Elissa is not on board with this plan. She cannot respect Aaryn as a player for saying derogatory comment towards Candice and Howard.

Judd talks with Howard and Candice on keeping Aaryn. Howard feels split on this vote. The two want to appease their HOH.

Aaryn makes numerous deals to keep herself in the game. She is willing to throw HOH or allow Elissa to name her nominees. Helen relays this information to Elissa but Elissa is doubtful. She cannot get past Aaryn making racial remarks.

Judd clears his name. Remember he made an alliance with Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Howard and Spencer. Well, he told his new alliance - Jessie, Andy, Helen, McCrae and Amanda of his old alliance.

Helen tells Elissa of the old alliance. Elissa talks to Kaitlin about it. She asks her if she made a deal with Spencer and Howard. Basically, Elissa is trying to tell homegirl that she is possibly leaving this week. Aaryn overhears the conversation. She approaches Helen about the Elissa fiasco. Helen tries to do damage control.

Kaitlin spins around the house wondering who is lying to her. Helen finds Elissa to question her why she made Kaitlin feel she is leaving on Thursday. Elissa denies it. Aaryn walks in and a sleuth of players enter the room. Everyone is in the room except for Candice who is sleeping in the Have-not room and Amanda and Mcrae who are straddling one another in the HOH bedroom. Note: neither are the HOH but one is wearing Judd’s robe.

The goal of the confrontation was simple. Is Kaitlin in an alliance with Spencer and Howard? But, Aaryn and Elissa are catty towards each other which causes Elissa to look like the crazy malfunctioning robot of the house.

Live Questions

Julie tells Judd that twitter has been a buzz over his grizzly bear shirt. Many houseguest have been seen wearing the shirt. Judd says it's his lucky shirt. Julie says she may even wear his shirt next week, you never know. Can America’s vote determine if Julie wears his shirt next week? Please!!!

Chen gives McCrae a happy birthday before showing clips of the Have Have-Not competition. GinaMarie takes up her skills like a champ. She says the anchovy- habenero yogurt was hot yet cold down her throat so she kept chugging it down.

Live Vote

Amanda: Kaitlin
Andy: Kaitlin
Spencer: Kaitlin
Howard: Kaitlin
Candice: Kaitlin
Elissa: Kaitlin
Helen: Kaitlin
Jessie: Kaitlin
McCrae: Kaitlin

Kaitlin is voted unanimously 9-0-0

Kailin was upset that everyone lied to her face. She was not mad at anyone because it is a game. But, she was hurt by Andy the most. Julie tells her that her alliance was called Mean Girls. She thought it hurts. She knew she aligned with catty girls and the behavior was infectious. Her regret was picking the wrong side of the house.

Before Julie tossed it to commercial, she gave us the worst news. America will be MVP again. Well, I guess Elissa will be nominated again.

Roulette Me Win: HOH Competition

Each player rolls a ball down a lane to hit a number. The highest number wins HOH. 36 is the highest number. Andy is first; he rolls a 23. McCrae rolls a 28 and stands in the winner circle. GinaMarie is out with a 3. Candice rolls a 27 and is out. Spencer beats McCrae with a roll of 34. Aaryn trumps all with a perfect score of 36. We ALL groan. How is this girl so lucky/skilled?? Howard rolls a 17. Jessie rolls a 2. Helen scores a 28 while Amanda rolls a 1. Elissa is last.. the tension. Elissa rolls a.. ZERO.

But this episode isn’t over. We have a special interview with Jeff Schroeder. Ugh. He gave insight on this season. Him and Jordan are still together but not yet engaged. Jeff roots for McCrae.

Find out on Sunday who Aaryn put up for nomination. Regina George has power again. Beware!