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Big Brother 15 Recap: The Return Of OTEV

Published On: Aug 22 2013 01:12:01 AM EDT

Elissa and Helen are on the block. Aaryn does this to protect her power duo with GinaMarie. She says this to the house to cover up the 3am tracks. Helen thinks if you feel safe in this game then you will leave out of the door. So logically, she feels safe due to her final 3 deal with McCrae and Andy. Yup, she is not the smartest bulb out there.

Helen promises that she won’t turn against Elissa this week. Too bad she has thrown Elissa under the bus every week since week 4. If one of the girls can win veto, then they might be both safe.

Helen pulls Andy aside to talk about the week. She really thinks Andy is an ally even after Jessie called him out for being a rat. Helen cries to Andy and he sheds a tear as well. He has to lie to her to stay loyal to 3am.

The Smooch-Blocker

Amanda and McCrae are getting their private-time on in a bedroom. Shockingly, it is not the HOH bedroom. Elissa breaks up the moment by lying in the bed next to McCranda. Elissa feels Helen blames her for being on the block. Amanda confirms her suspicion. She wants the duo to have a rift because Elissa will then turn to Amanda and be an ally for her. Elissa is concerned because half of her thinks Amanda is BSing her but another half is worried that it is true, Helen is not a true ally.

Rats Be Like…

The rat, Andy, tells Spencer everything Helen says. Andy cannot win the veto because it will show his hands. He advises Spencer to win the veto at all costs.

The POV players are Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy. Elissa pulls houseguest choice chip and she picks Andy. This might have been her best choice because he is throwing it so her odds of winning went from 15% to 20%.

Andy tells 3am that he will throw the veto. Amanda gets pissed at him for not getting his hands dirty in the game. Andy feels damned if he uses the veto and damned if he don’t. This is a “super hard” week for him. eye-roll.

OTEV Competition.

Every year, OTEV is played during the POV competition. OTEV is veto backwards, btw. Anyways, this is probably one of the hardest veto competitions Big Brother hosts. The game is like musical chairs. Players get knocked out for being the last to present the right answer.

This Otev is the broken-hearted beaver. He wrote love letters to evicted houseguests. Each round, OTEV will say a part of a love letter. The competitors will race all through the backyard into rivers, mud piles and woodchips to find the correct answer. The last person back is eliminated.

Round One. The answer is Jeremy. Helen is first up followed by Elissa. Aaryn, Spencer and Andy climb up the ramp to secure their spots in the next round. GinaMarie is eliminated.

Round Two. Everyone is off to find Judd. It seems like everyone got their piece really quick and at the same time. Elissa face plants at the bottom of the ramp. Helen is half-way to the top. Elissa engages beast-mode by scaling the ramp faster than Helen and edging her out. Helen is eliminated.

Round Three. Elissa is in beast-mode and she cannot be stopped. Candice is the third answer. It is between Andy and Elissa. Andy is throwing this competition. But, they race to the ramp and she pushes his head to the log. He gets a semi-black eye. Andy is eliminated.

Round Four. The answer is Howard. Elissa is first up followed by Spencer. Aaryn is eliminated.

Last Round. Elissa and Spencer are off to find Jessie. Elissa is first up the ramp and wins the hardest POV. I guess Elissa is good in the mud. The last time there was a mud competition she won.

Helen congratulates Elissa on her win. Elissa does not want to be excited until they know Spencer is going home. Andy walks in and Helen thanks him for playing hard Helen knows he didn’t want to win that comp. If he wasn’t trying then he doesn’t want Helen to stay, huge red flag.

Amanda flat out tells Elissa that Helen is going home no matter what. The sooner it sets in, the easier the week will be for Elissa. It will hurt Elissa’s game to flip the house to keep Helen. Elissa doesn’t want to feel threatened by Amanda but she doesn't want to be target #1 either.

Elissa wants to warn Helen that she is in danger this week. She drops subtle hints and Helen is on the same page. Elissa notes that Spencer feels very safe and it is weird.

Helen talks with Aaryn about flipping the house against Amanda. Aaryn is willing to backdoor Amanda if they have the votes. But, they can’t trust Andy and don’t have Spencer in their pockets. They are screwed. Aaryn wants to work with Helen over Amanda and fears she is just playing the whole house.

Quit Your Wine-ing

The house talks about wine-gate with Jeremy when he drank all of the Have-Not’s wine. Amanda and Aaryn go at it. Aaryn calls out Amanda for being a bitch in that situation. Amanda is pissed she tried to turn it around on Amanda. Actually, I agree with Amanda. Aaryn was acting like a spoiled-child and trying to justify her actions by playing the victim.

What does Aaryn does? She has to replace one of her nominees and has the power to backdoor Amanda. Aaryn replaces Elissa’s seat with Spencer, coward.

Find out tomorrow which jury member will re-enter the house. It will be very interesting.

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