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Big Brother 15 Recap: The Tangled Web The Veto Lies

Published On: Sep 13 2013 01:13:28 AM EDT

Judd is gone but the Exterminators are still intact and in power. McCrae votes Judd out because he did not want to rock the boat. He suspects GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy are working together. Yet, he does nothing! McCrae is such a fail. He was promising before the season but somehow he turned into a sucky player.

Andy is the new HOH. This means he will be in the final 3. The exterminators are cool with Andy winning but it comes down to the veto. The veto winner is the deciding vote in this week’s eviction. Andy nominates Spencer and McCrae.

Jury House

CBS threw us a bone by showing a segment of the jury house. You know, the better place to watch the players. Aaryn enters the house to apologize for her actions in the house. You can see the fear on her face after Julie’s grilling interview. Is she sincere? Probably not.

Amanda walks in and the jury house screams. She is a big player and no one expected her to get evicted. Amanda tells the house about the exterminators. Aaryn was pissed because McCranda picked Andy over her. Elissa walks in and the house is shocked and upset. They really wanted Elissa to win.

Judd enters the house and the girls are quick to fight each other. Judd says he is supporting GinaMarie and Elissa backs that claim. Oh wait??? This is news to the rest of the jury because they pretty much hate the girl. Judd called out McCrae for riding Amanda’s coattails. Amanda defends her man. Candice thinks McCrae is the biggest floater in the game. Will Amanda, the bully, get her way?


Players solve a puzzle using facts of prior BB contestants this season. Once they laid down every face and correct fact, they will win the veto. If they hit the buzzer and one of the pieces is incorrect then the whole board will fall down making that player start from scratch.

They are off! Andy has a great strategy by matching pieces that have only one answer. McCrae guesses and his pieces fall off. Andy buzzes in and wins. The exterminators rejoice unapologetically in front of McCrae. Nick was his last piece. GM is excited about that tidbit.

Andy doesn’t use the veto. GinaMarie votes out McCrae. Before that, the exterminators told McCrae of the alliance.

During the interview with Julie, McCrae humbly takes his defeat. He felt he should have been smarter. MC does feel bad about Elissa. He thought Andy wanted Amanda out to work with McCrae. Because Andy wants McCrae all to himself. -eyeroll-. If McCrae could play again, he would not play so close to Amanda because she crippled his game.

This Sunday will be a clip show of the season. Yay?!?! Wednesday will be the season finale right after the season premiere of Survivor.

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