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Big Brother 15 Recap: When Elissa Attacks 3AM

Published On: Aug 29 2013 12:49:54 AM EDT

Elissa, not Amanda, nominates McCrea and Aaryn for eviction. She flat out told him that she hopes he would win veto. What a major slap in Aaryn’s face. She feels devastated. Doing McCranda’s dirty work has done nothing to her game. She can’t rely on 3am because McCrae is nominated.

GinaMarie makes sure she is on Elissa’s good grace. She compliments her on her speech and outfit. This raises a flag to Amanda. Why is GinaMarie being so nice to Elissa? Are they working together?

Well Aaryn thinks so when she questioned GinaMarie about it. If Aaryn truly wanted Aaryn gone, why didn’t she nominate GinaMarie who would use the veto on her?

Amanda knows something is fishy so she pokes at Elissa for information. However, Elissa does not budge and plays innocent. Technically, she still wants Aaryn gone. But shorty, the main target switches to Amanda.

Elissa makes a pact with Aaryn to get out Amanda. Elissa makes Aaryn promise to pick Judd if there is a houseguest choice.

Veto Players

Elissa is up first and she picks Amanda’s chip. Girl has a horrible poker face. You can read it clearly that she was not happy about this. McCrae picks GinaMarie and he is upset because she would use the veto on Aaryn. Aaryn picks houseguest choice and she chooses Judd.

Everything is going to plan, well Elissa’s plan. Amanda has no idea why Aaryn picked Judd. She asks her over and over about her pick. Why not pick an alliance mate, Andy? Aaryn responds by saying Andy and Spencer would not use the veto on her at all. Aaryn freaks out because McCranda is freaking out. Elissa has to comfort her by saying they will win the veto.

GinaMarie tells Elissa that Amanda is the female version of Jeremy. They laugh. The two are in the kitchen with a nervous Amanda pacing back and forth. She knows something is up between the two. Every time she walks by they stop talking. One time, Elissa spits out her drink and it breaks all the tension. Amanda calls out GM for being fake. It was days ago when she was talking smack about Elissa. So what does the Jersey broad do? Yell back! The two scream at each other resulting in McCrae consoling Amanda in one room and Elissa begging GinaMarie to stop. Drama!

ZingBot Returns!

The zingbot wakes up the house and Elissa is ecstatic. Zingbot is her favorite thing about Big Brother which is not saying much because this cast is the scum of America. She zings the zingbot by saying it can’t call her a loser because she won HOH.

“McCrae, I finally understand why you are always wearing shorts because Amanda wears the pants!”

“I think there is a ghost in the Big Brother house. It has a high-pitched wail, its pasty white and it loves to float. Oh wait, thats just Andy”

“Elissa, I hear you like to impersonate me. But, I think you a much better at being a cheap impersonation of your sister”

Veto Competition.

Zingbot 3000 celebrates his baby zingbot who is one-year old. The goal of the competition is to roll a ball up and down a ramp 250 times without having the ball fall. If it does hit the ground then the player starts back at zero.

Amanda does a good job of pacing herself. She takes a ton of breaths. Judd should follow her strategy because he needs a medic, ASAP! Amanda wins the veto which is shocking because she won a competition. GinaMarie was close behind.

McCranda is safe. Amanda will use the veto on McCrae and Amanda cannot go up as a replacement nominee. This is the worst case scenario for Elissa. She cries to Judd because everytime someone goes after Amanda, they go home. Elissa knows she is leaving next Thursday.

Andy is convinced he will be the replacement nominee. Last week, Elissa told him if he votes off Helen then she will be after him. Payback is a B! 3AM wants Elissa to put up GinaMarie.

Elissa tells Amanda that they threw the veto to her. Amanda gets pissed off and starts a tyrant. There is a new plan. Let Amanda seem like a bully and have Andy console Elissa so she doesn’t put him up. Amanda turns into a nasty villain.

Amanda “Guess what Zingbot and Elissa have in common? They are both made out of plastic.. ZING!”

Elissa “Well thank you for thinking I am perfect”

The tyrant continues. Amanda projects her insecurities onto the yoga-goddess. Elissa cracks up in her HOH room as she locks herself in the room. Amanda vows to torture her everyday until she leaves this house.

Andy attempts to play victim but Elissa doesn’t buy it. She puts up Andy to go against Aaryn this week. Basically, she is cutting the McCranda army by knocking out their enablers. One is a competition beast and the other is an information gatherer. Its win-win. Hopefully, it will cause rifts between the two. It reminds me of children vowing for their parents attention. In this case, McNasty are the parents.