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Big Brother 15 Recap: Will Aaryn Keep Her Word?

Published On: Jul 28 2013 09:45:15 PM EDT

The worse thing happened on Thursday, Regina George won HOH. She took HOH back, She took HOH back!! Thanks to a crapshoot competition, the house racist will be staying another week in the Big Brother house.

Aaryn feels proud to rope in votes to survive last week. She pulled a rabbit out of the hat. Elissa really wanted to evict Aaryn but she felt pressure from the house. Howard is still uncertain on Aaryn.

Aaryn is happy she went from the bottom of the barrel to the tip top of the mountain after her second HOH win. Elissa is speechless. She knows she is in hot water. Candice wants to throw up and have a breakdown. Previously, Jessie had a rocky relationship with Aaryn. This week, she pretends to be happy for her ex-fellow Bieber Fever’ alliance-mate.

Helen made a deal with Aaryn that if the house kept her, Aaryn has to follow the house’s decision on nomination. Jessie told Candice this information. Candice then told Howard. Before the live eviction, Candice confronted Helen. Helen denied it to her face. Helen told this information after Aaryn’s HOH win. Aaryn thinks Elissa told Candice about the deal. Aaryn would love to evict Elissa this week but she is still willing to follow with “the house.”

There is even more tension between Elissa and Aaryn. Elissa is socially awkward and doesn’t want to communicate at all to Aaryn. The two are in the kitchen as Elissa stands there cold-faced. Not a single word exchanged between the two. Aca-Awkward.

Who wants to see my HOH room?

Aaryn pops out of the Diary Room and shouts the famous phrase. The houseguests decide to hide upstairs. Aaryn walks aimless around trying to find everyone. The players surprise her when she finally walks to her room. When she opens her room... the return of the CLOWN! Yikes!

Aaryn goes through her basket and finds a box of snacks called Zing. She says she “axed” wait asked the producers for this. She stops herself to correct her axe asks and blames it on a certain houseguest. Yup, she blamed it on Candice. Candice is a speech therapist therefore she knows how to speak properly. Racist Aaryn tried to make a zing. See, the box of crackers named zing, and the axe ask situation is NOT lost on me.

Helen tells Amanda, Judd, and McCrae about Candice knowing about the deal. She puts the target on Elissa even though Elissa didn’t do anything.

Spencer asks Aaryn if he is safe. She tells him that she has to do what with the house wants. She feels like a slave to everyone. She does not want Spencer to go home this week. Aaryn eventually confesses to making deals with the house to stay safe.

Amanda and McCrae appreciate time in the HOH bathroom. The two lovebirds enjoy a steamy bubble bath. Amanda professes her love for the pizza boy. The two make-out but it stops abruptly when McCrae farts.

Howard knows he has the target on his back. He talks with Aaryn about this week. Aaryn tells Howard about the confrontation with Candice. Howard advises that after this week, Aaryn will be in the same place. She shouldn’t listen to the larger alliance but shake-up the game. Aaryn says she respects Howard as a man. oh really??

An Unforgettable Competition

Police sirens fire off in the house. The guests run into the living room to see a video message from Poppy Montgomery. She is the host for the Have, Have-Not Competition.

Split into 3 teams, players have to get all of the evidence from the evidence locker and stack it on their desk. The teams are off. A strategy is to get flat surface objects first to stack easier. Some evidence are objects from previous challenges. There was even the infamous clown shoe that Jeff tossed out to lose the veto competition that resulted in his eviction during a double-eviction night in Big Brother 13.

Team Green: GinaMarie, Amanda, Candice, Judd
Team Orange: McCrae, Elissa, Andy, Aaryn
Team Purple: Helen, Spencer, Jessie, Howard

Orange team finishes first, green second and purple last. Aaryn thinks her and Elissa work great as a team... or maybe not. Because Green Team was the first to finish stacking, they receive an advantage.

Phase two.

The teams have to restock the evidence back in the evidence locker in the right place. Orange team’s advantage is that they get photos with more clues to help place the objects. It works as Orange Team is the first to buzz in. It is down to Purple and Green. Green team is so lost and it causes them to be the have-nots for the week. This will be GinaMarie’s first week as a have-not and Candice’s third.

Elissa does yoga around the house. She wishes there was a gym in the house. CBS showed a montage of places Elissa has done yoga. She literally has done yoga in every room. One clip has Elissa wrapped in saran wrap. Amanda notes how awkward it is. it is like Cirque de Soleil: sandwich edition.

Candice wants Aaryn to put up Amanda and McCrae. Howard gives Candy the a-okay to talk to Aaryn. Candice informs Aaryn about playing for herself. Aaryn doesn’t want to put Howard up. She is only doing this so next week Aaryn is not the target. Aaryn doesn’t want to bite the hands that feeds her. The blonde is clearly annoyed at Candice and doesn’t want to communicate anymore. Candice is to Aaryn as Aaryn is to Elissa. They do not exist in their world.

Candice scurries down to tell Howard the news. Candice feels like the target on her back grew. The two talk and Candy is over the situation. She basically tried to cut ties with Howard because she knows he is a goner. Candice doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She just wants to be quiet and observe.

Aaryn is worried about Elissa. She is the only one that would put her up. Andy tells Aaryn that if Elissa puts her up she won’t have the votes to leave. Elissa would go crazy and get voted out when she is no longer in power. Right now, Aaryn wants to put up Howard and Elissa. Jessie agrees with her decision either way.

Aaryn eventually nominated Spencer and Howard. I guess she couldn’t nominate Candice and Howard right out the gate without the fear of looking like a racist. Lets see if Aaryn gets her wish by Thursday of having Howard and Candice up.

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