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Big Brother 15: Someone's A Bit Racist

Published On: Jul 07 2013 09:21:16 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 07 2013 09:37:45 PM EDT

HOH Competition

We resume. We left the house filling their jugs to win the head of household competition. Aaryn And Jeremy are “randomly” paired together and they are kicking butt. Aaryn is pissed David, her showmance counterpart, got voted out. She cannot trust anyone in the house.

Amanda is going slow in the HOH competition. She cannot walk back and forth without slipping. Soooo... she crawls back and forth. Judd and Nick fill their smaller bowls first to earn the bigger scoop. It might have been a great strategy as the two fill up their big bowl quick.

But it is between Aaryn/Jeremy and Elissa/Andy. The competition has lasted over an hour. Jeremy and Aaryn come out on top. Jeremy gives the HOH to Aaryn. Does is not seem the person most hurt by the house always wins the second HOH? History likes to repeat itself in the BB house.

Aaryn has the choice to put people on slop this week. She asks who voted out David? Elissa fired back that no one has to answer to her. Aaryn then put Elissa, Helen, Andy and Candice on slop. Candice speaks up that she didn’t vote out David. Elissa is upset that Helen has to be on slop 2 weeks in a row.

What CBS didnt show you is that Aaryn and Jeremy cheated. Instead of Aaryn filling up Jeremy’s cup, the two switched cups without fear of spills. But, that is against the rules. So why is she still HOH? Because CBS doesn’t care. Frank cheated numerous times last year and Grodner did nothing about it. So we are stuck with the blonde princess in charge this week.

The Brat Is Back

Aaryn is on a torment to find out who voted out David. There are 7 votes against him yet no one is willing to admit it. Andy admitted to Aaryn that he voted out David because Elissa was not going after him. It helped his game. He is keeping his friends close and his Aaryn’s closer.

Everyone dreads Aaryn’s HOH room. But who doesn’t want to see little pictures of the devil. Aaryn received a clown in her gift basket. Amanda made a funny that the clown and Aaryn are both alike; they are supposed to look cute on the outside but ended up scary.

The HOH room tries to figure out who voted out David. The consensus for nominations are Helen and Elissa. Aaryn feels like someone is lying to her. She looks at Nick and tells him if he is not honest with her she will cut off his junk while he is asleep. Cue cutaway to the clown.

We voted, America voted the Have-Nots lima beans and liver. Aaryn would not wish this on her worst enemy.. well on second thought (Elissa).

Racism Is Never Cool

CBS finally acknowledge Aaryn’s derogatory comments and racist remarks. They showed a whole montage of her “best” moments. A few standouts are joking about Helen to just be quiet and make rice AND Andy will win MVP because America loves queers now. GinaMarie made a comment on Candice skin color.

Howard narrated how the house felt. Amanda blamed it on her ignorant upbringing. I am just surprised CBS showed her mean comments. I guess they had to considering how much bad press the network has gotten this past week. Aaryn lost both of her jobs last week. Online community have coined her the "Paula Deen of the house."

It is fitting yet weird that Aaryn is an anagram for Arayan, a race that felt superior originating back in the 19th century.

The Game Moves On

Candice figures out that there is an all-male alliance in the house. She talks to Helen about this. Candice zeros down on Nick as the shady one. They think its Jeremy, Nick, Spencer, with the possibility of Howard in an alliance. But where does McCrae fit into it?

Jessie thinks Nick hates her. Every time she walks into a room, he walks away. The girls think he is “odd”. Many people online think he is gay. Jessie follows Nick all around the house. She is thirsty.

Helen tries to talk game with Aaryn. But, Aaryn thinks its sketch since its their first talk and she happens to have power this week.

The Moving Company wants Amanda gone because she is a thinker. She is the biggest opponent to the all-male’s secret alliance. Jeremy blames Amanda for David going home to Aaryn. This complicates things for the princess.

Aaryn goes with the original plan of putting Elissa and Helen on the block. Aaryn says Elissa makes unnecessary waves in the house. Helen is on the block by association.