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Big Brother: A Sticky Situation

Published On: Jul 03 2013 01:03:03 AM EDT

McCrae nominates Jessie and Candice and one of the girls cry over it. Candice tries to pull a brave face but she is deeply hurt. She takes it as a nod to her being a strong competitor instead of the reality of her being unlikable. Jessie takes it as she is the pawn. Elissa is shocked she is not nominated. Nick is thrilled about nominations, as long as no one from The Moving Company is on the block, he really doesn't care who is up.


The house assumes Elissa will be MVP due to the popularity of her sister. Elissa sarcastically jokes that she will be MVP because her sister is a model, Gisele Bundchen. Jeremy takes her seriously, what an idiot. Apparently he hasn’t read a magazine or watched NFL in the last 4 years. He confronts her later on her lie and she says she didn’t say that.

Elissa did win the MVP. It is up to her to tell the other houseguests that she won. She tells McCrae that she is MVP to gain his trust. She wants to pick his brain for a nominee. She is willing to do whatever he wants to do. He alludes to putting up David. The Moving Company’s plan is in full motion. They can get the MVP, Elissa, to nominate their biggest threat and the blame will fall on MVP instead of McCrae. McCrae sadly tells Elissa if the veto is used then he will put her on the block. His rationale is to appease the house or “bieber fever” of putting Elissa up but using her as a Trojan Horse on the block to surprise David.

David and Aaryn’s relationship bloom. As they get to know each other, we learn that David lives at his parent’s home while working seasonally as a lifeguard. When he isn’t working, he collects unemployment checks.

Elissa nominated David. This makes the surfer guy feel used and paranoid. He feels the whole house is against him and he can not trust anyone, not even Aaryn. David snaps at Aaryn and walks to another room. Aaryn cries which causes an apology from David (???) So the guy on the block should apology to someone who is safe because he can’t trust her?? Their relationship is toxic, like the toxic in a bottle of peroxide (BLONDE).

Amanda tells McCrae to not win veto. Winning too much will put a target on his back. He informs her that Elissa is MVP. He immediately tells Elissa that he spilled the beans. She fires back that he must hate her. Every move he makes is not in Elissa’s interest.

Veto Competition

This competition is to spell the longest word. Contestants will crawl in honey, under a rolling pin to find a letter hidden in a blue balloon. The theme is baking and blueberries, basically promoting CBS show “The American Baking Competition.”

The contenders are Candice, McCrae, Jessie, David, Elissa, and Howard. McCrae’s strategy is to look like he is going hard. He doesn’t want to win veto because then he will have to put up Elissa. Howard didn’t want to win either, he threw it. Elissa is smoking everyone as she gathers more and more letters. As time runs out, the contestants buzz in on their words. David can’t finish his word. “competition”, before time runs out. FAIL!

Howard - Sailing - 7 letters
Jessie - Tumbled - 7 letters
Candice - Rafts - 5 letters
David - ------ - 0 letters
Elissa - Pot Roasts (DQ 2 words)
McCrae - Delivery - 8 letters WINNER

Elissa hits rock bottom. Helen cheers her up. oh, BTW there is a houseguest named Helen.

McCrae does use the veto on Candice and Elissa is her replacement block. But, she is not the target. As you know in the BB house - anything can happen. Who will go home? Check back Wednesday night for the house’s first live eviction!

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