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Blacksburg "all gal" barber shop hires a guy

Published On: Dec 24 2013 02:47:19 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 04 2013 11:00:00 PM EST

The oldest barbershop in Blacksburg says it can't be just an all-girls club anymore.
My dad used to say the Modern Barber Shop was the place where the men go. He was right. For some 50 years, only male barbers cut hair here.

Today, Brandy Stanfill manages the barber shop, once owned by her grandfather.

"In 1934 it was established as a barber shop. The Modern Barber Shop was nothing but men until 1987, it was nothing but men."

Then the women took over. Female barbers built a loyal base of repeat customers but some foreign exchange students didn't want a female barber.

"They do not allow women to touch them, serve them, do anything for them, so it was a nice thing to get a man in here because I don't want to turn away any customers," Stanfill said.

That's where Jacob Greenawalt comes in, the first male barber here in three years. A few weeks ago, he says one foreign student sought him out.

"I had somebody in my chair and he came over and tapped me and asked if it was alright if he came over and I did his hair and I said that was fine," Greenawalt said.

Blacksburg is a mixed bag of international students and staff, many with strict customs and religious beliefs.

Generations of men have had their dos done here.

There's a picture of Ribble Linkous on the counter, the grandpa who started the business.

Today, The Modern Barber Shop is no longer an all male club. The female barbers look great but Stanfill knows they can't cut every man's hair.

"So it was a nice difference to have a man be hired and take up that slack and offer that business to that foreign exchange student that needs a hair cut."

And a basic haircut costs the same, whether the barber is a gal or a guy.