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Blacksburg family says child almost abducted

Published On: Jun 21 2013 06:50:35 AM EDT   Updated On: Jun 21 2013 06:54:19 AM EDT
A family in Blacksburg says a man tried to abduct a 3-year-old from this home.


A family in Blacksburg says a man tried to abduct a 3-year-old from this home.


A neighborhood in Blacksburg is keeping an even closer eye on its children. They say a man tried to lure a three-year-old girl from her home late Wednesday night.

This reporter received a text early Thursday morning from an officer who said they were looking for a man who tried to trick a little girl out of her mobile home in Blacksburg.

Just off Givens Lane in Blacksburg, Genie Proffitt was explaining what happened, when her 3-year-old granddaughter, Karly, cut right in. "When this happened to [Karly] last night," said Proffitt, "I was coming in from work, it was about 10:45."

At that second, the blonde-haired, green-eyed little girl pointed to a side window and said, ''It was right there, beside the window. [He] was right there and [he] would scare me and [he] looked like a monster."

Three months ago, Proffitt said someone started knocking on her door. It scared her. Since then she feels someone's been watching her home. On Wednesday night just before 11, Genie came home from work and found Karly crying. "I found her to be in tears," said Proffitt leaning on her outdoor porch. "I was very angry. I go to work. I come home, my granddaughter is crying. I don't understand why somebody would try to do something like that to a child."

The family says Blacksburg police showed up and drove through the neighborhood but found nothing. Ten minutes later, neighbors say the suspect came back and they pointed him out to Proffitt's fiance, Daryl King, "He said 'Is that your house right there?' I said yes it is He said 'Well there's somebody up there right now and he was leaned up against this trailer.'"

Karly was quick to say what her would-be-abductor looked like, ''He just looked like a monster."

Karly's mom was putting her 9-month-old baby in bed. Karly was sitting on the sofa and said that's when the man knocked on the glass door. The little girls' eyes squinted as she repeated what the man told her, ''I want you, I want you."

King, standing on the porch, said he has a message for the stranger, "Well I hope he does come around here again. Cause we got something in store for him, you can believe that. There's four or five very big good size men here that will handle this and he won't get away again," he said.

Several calls were made to Blacksburg police to get a better understanding about what happened. No one from the department returned our calls.