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Blacksburg family suffers through flight with no air conditioning

Published On: Jul 22 2013 07:42:28 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 22 2013 10:55:13 PM EDT

The Delta Airlines flight the Chung family was on sat on the tarmac for 2 hours in 90 degree weather with no air conditioning.

Blacksburg, Va. -

The Chung family boarded a Delta commuter flight from Detroit to Roanoke on Thursday. They didn't expect to sit on the tarmac for nearly an hour and then another hour in the air with no air conditioning.

“It was a little warm but people were still coming in through the door and we thought it's doable,” said mother Jennifer Chung.

Then reality set in; this flight would be very different than the ones the Chung family has taken before.

“And then they closed the cabin door, and then we realized, there was no air circulating.  There was no air conditioning, and there was no fan we just sitting still; door closed and the high that day in Detroit was 91,” said Chung.

To make matters worse, Jennifer and Eric Chung's young daughters had to sit through the ordeal.

One year old Katherine is down to her diaper and her body turned red. Her sister, three year old Karen - who is autistic, was lethargic and sweating according to Chung,

“Children with autism are prone to have febrile seizure, which are seizure cased by fevers. That's a possibility with any child but especially a child with autism when they overheat,” said Chung.

That's a scenario they are thankful didn't play out in midair. However they wish the airline would have offered an alternative or a clear indication of exactly how hot it was going to be on the plane.

“I just think if I would have left my child in a car that was parked with windows up in the same conditions; I would have been held accountable. And that they would have been taken out of the car,” said Chung. “I think the same policy should apply to airlines if it's over a certain temperature.”

Delta Airlines was contact several times to comment on this story. The company had not responded by the time this sorry was posted.