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Businesses bank on homecoming celebrations for high sales

Published On: Dec 24 2013 08:01:23 AM EST   Updated On: Sep 21 2013 01:34:25 AM EDT

Homecoming is always an exciting time for students, but it comes with a cost.


Another school year has begun and with that comes a new football season.

Homecoming is always an exciting time for students, but it comes with a cost. Local dress and tux shops have been busier than ever helping kids prep for the big night.

Cave Spring and William Byrd High Schools are celebrating their homecoming weekends a little earlier this year compared to some other surrounding schools.

In less than 24 hours, many will be getting dressed for a night they said they will never forget.

"It's a very important memory," said Rache Abshire. "We're all here together. This is our last year together. We have to make a lot of good memories. Homecoming is one of those."

Abshire was named William Byrd High School's 2013 Homecoming queen.

"High school goes by so fast," she said. "We have so many memories. I hear high school is what you remember more than anything."

Abshire is just one of many who have been prepping for this big weekend.

"It is a lot of planning but its really fun, really fun for everyone."

Homecoming isn't just about football. By Saturday night, these kids will be pouring into the school gymnasium for a night full of fun and dancing, but it's not cheap.

"Very expensive, but she's very practical and frugal with things like that and she helped out, but a lot of preparation," said Greg Abshire.

He also remembers his homecoming at William Byrd like it was yesterday. He said homecoming is a special event for any high school student.

"It was just a celebration of your school, this time of year, it's football weather," he said. "It's just a  lot of fun in a small town like this."

Homecoming is also a big weekend for local businesses.

Local dress shops bank on the event just as much as prom to help boost their sales.

"We definitely have a jump up in sales right before homecoming and right before prom, but we encourage the girls to come throughout the year because even though we get  a bulk right before homecoming or prom we are receiving dresses throughout the year," said Arielle Rosmarino of Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things in Roanoke.

Business owners expect their sales to stay high as a number of other high schools in the area wait a little longer before holding homecoming.