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Centerpiece of new exhibit a tall order for the Taubman

Published On: Jul 23 2013 12:07:24 AM EDT   Updated On: Jul 23 2013 12:08:39 AM EDT

Art can be as simple as a single word. Or as challenging as a sculpture 40 feet tall. And sometimes, Joe Dashiell reports, it's both.


From a distance, the letters almost disappear in a corner of the 30-thousand square foot warehouse. But walk a little closer and it's clear that one word can make a powerful statement.

Four letters, each ten feet tall, spell the word "myth." They will be stacked in the atrium of the Taubman museum for an exhibit that opens to the public on Saturday. Monday, they were hauled downtown from the space artist Ann Glover uses as her studio.

"This project started small," Glover told us Monday afternoon. "Started as little letters for our gallery theme show, and the curator for the museum saw 'em and said why don't we make 'em ten feet tall. And I just said, well really?"

Glover says it never would have happened without plenty of help. At least 50 people pitched in.

For Heather Mills and Alex Bannan, the project provided an unconventional internship, and an experience they wouldn't trade.

"My favorite part was really getting to do a little bit of everything," Bannan said, "You know I got to do some painting, do canvassing and a little bit of construction. It was great."

They've labored beside Glover since May, and they're looking forward to seeing how people will respond to the finished piece.

"It's going to be that huge wow factor," Mills predicted. "That's what I had when I walked in here and it wasn't even painted."

The H was already on its way to the Taubman when we arrived. And soon the rest of the letters followed on a fork lift and a flatbed truck. The exhibit is scheduled to open to the public on Saturday.