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Couple turns to social media in hopes of expanding their family

Published On: Sep 25 2013 04:22:38 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 25 2013 05:50:06 PM EDT

Fertility, it's a problem that affects more than 6-million women or 1 in 10 couples, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Rebecca and George married in 2004.
It wasn't too long after that, they wanted to pursue their dream of a family.
But, it wasn't an easy road.

"I think anyone who faces infertility, the first thing that happens when you're diagnosed is the dream of the family that you want is shattered," says Rebecca choking back a sob, "Because, you just don't know what lies ahead."

After painful and expensive fertility procedures, Rebecca and George had their son Robbie.
But, something was missing.

"Robbie's our joy and we love him, but we wanted to know what it would be like to have a family of four," she says.

That's when they started the journey to expand their family through adoption.
It's something that's near and dear to their heart, since George, who's originally from Blacksburg, was adopted as a baby.

"We're choosing a private domestic adoption which means we're looking for a birth mother on our own. Part of the reason is because we're looking for a connection with that birth mother."

The family decided to take their quest to the web.
They started a Facebook page called, "Rebecca and George Want to Adopt a Baby" and website called "Rebecca and George Adopt."
They realize this isn't the traditional way to go, but hope it will expand their search.

"I don't expect anybody to think that they know a potential birth mother or mother looking to make an adoption plan, but if we're top of mind to them, they could be at the salon and hear someone talking about a situation or at church and hear something and remember, 'Oh, I know somebody who knows somebody, who's looking for a private adoption, and that's how these things happen everyday."

The couple also has family and friends distributing business cards and putting up fliers.

Rebecca says even though they're using technology to spread their message, they're not cutting corners.

She tells WDBJ7 they've been through the rigorous home study process and FBI clearance.

They've also been finger printed and worked with social workers to prepare for the adoption process.