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Danville homeowners have until January 1st to buy "approved" trash containers

Published On: Dec 27 2013 07:35:34 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 28 2013 01:26:46 AM EST

Time is running out to get everything you need. The city is requiring all homeowners to have a new trash container that works with a one-man operated garbage truck by January first.


The way your trash is collected is changing in Danville and time is running out to get everything you need.

The city is requiring all homeowners to have a new trash container that works with a one-man operated garbage truck by January first.

Right now the city has sold less than half of the containers.

The city is converting to this new style to avoid raising collection charges which have been the same for the last 10 years.

"We're not raising the cost of the refuge fee. This is a one time cost to them where they buy their trash can. The trash can is theirs. If they move, they can take the trash can with them if they like," said Chris Goss with Danville Public Works.

The containers are available at the Public Works Department on South Boston Road.

They cost 35 to 50 dollars for different sizes and are available at home improvement stores.

Here's a news release from the City of Danville:

The city of Danville reminds residents that after Jan. 1 all residential properties must use only approved garbage containers. The containers must be wheeled carts with attached lids that can be emptied by the mechanical lifts on the city’s garbage collection trucks.

Currently, the Public Works Department is selling these carts to the public, but citizens may purchase carts from retail stores. The carts come in three sizes: 35 gallons, 64 gallons and 96 gallons. The city sells the carts at cost.

“We will begin enforcement by giving out courtesy notices to those residents who do not use an automated cart,” said Rick Drazenovich, director of public works. “After several reminders, we will discontinue trash collection until a cart is used. In severe cases where garbage may build up, we will follow the code enforcement process that begins with a notice and ends with the city collecting the trash and billing the property owner for the collection plus administrative fees.”

Public Works began selling used carts on Jan. 3, 2012, and new carts on May 10, 2013. To date, the department has sold 4,600 used carts and 3,430 new carts. The 8,030 carts sold represent 48 percent of the 16,700 residential units in Danville.

“Of course, we do not know how many have been purchased from local vendors,” Drazenovich said.

Public Works currently has 4,770 carts to sell. Used carts are not available at this time.

Residents have four payment options:
1. Prepay by cash, check, or credit card by visiting the Public Works Office, which is located at 998 South Boston Road.

2. Prepay by credit card by calling the office at (434) 799-5245.

3. Mail in payment by check or money order.

4. Request to be billed in two or four payments. The billing option is not part of a resident’s monthly utility bill. Application must be completed in person at the Public Works Office. Late fees apply.

Public Works will deliver the carts to the residential unit free of charge.

Danville City Council voted earlier this year to switch to the new garbage collection system effective Jan. 1, 2014.

“These carts provide the cleanest, most sanitary method of garbage collection,” Drazenovich told council members.

Drazenovich said the change also would maximize the efficiency of the garbage collection operation by saving on time and labor needed. The department would consolidate routes, eliminating one garbage collection crew.

On Aug. 1, 2011, the city discontinued backyard collection and began curbside-only solid waste collection for residents. Today, all city routes are being collected by side-loading trucks that can mechanically lift and empty attached-lid, wheeled carts.