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Danville students won't have school on Saturday, April 12

Published On: Mar 26 2014 11:53:39 AM EDT   Updated On: Mar 31 2014 02:28:38 PM EDT

Danville students will no longer have to go to school on a Saturday.

Because of the amount of snow days this school year, earlier this month the school board made a motion to have Saturday, April 12 be a half-day of instruction.

After clarification by the Virginia Department of Education, the school board rescinded its motion. Therefore, April 12 will not be a school day.

Here is the news release from Danville Public Schools:

There are three remaining make-up days for the 2013-2014 school year based upon inclement weather days missed. The three remaining days are: April 18, April 21, and May 23. May 23 will be the last day of school and this will be a full day.

Based upon additional clarification by the Virginia Department of Education, the School Board rescinded their original motion made March 21 to operate school on Saturday, April 12 for a half day. As a result, there are no school days scheduled for any Saturday.


Danville Public Schools and Bedford County Public schools have announced schedule changes to make up for snow days.

Danville Public Schools

Danville Public Schools announced make-up days for its school division. One of the make-up days is on a Saturday.

On Saturday, April 12 Danville students will have a half-day of school. Full days of school are now scheduled for Friday, April 18; Monday, April 21; and Friday, May 23.

The school system is on spring break this week. Classes resume Monday.

Here is the half-day early dismissal schedule:

Dismissing at 10:55 a.m.: O. Trent Bonner Middle, Westwood Middle, and The Scholars Academy.

Dismissing at 11:25 a.m.: Schoolfield Elementary, Forest Hills Elementary, Park Avenue Elementary, Woodberry Hills Elementary, and Langston Focus

Dismissing at Noon: George Washington High, Galileo High, and Northside Preschool

Dismissing at 12:30 p.m.: G. L. H. Johnson Elementary, Gibson Elementary, and Grove Park Preschool

Bedford County Public Schools

Bedford County Public Schools will extend the time of the school day in order to meet state requirements. They must make up more than 11 hours of instructional time.

This means that beginning on March 31, school days will begin ten minutes early and will end 10 minutes later each day for the rest of the school year.

Transportation schedules are being adjusted to coordinate with these changes.

If more instructional time is missed due to snow days, more adjustments may have to be made.