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Don't know where to put your live tree? Leave it at the curb

Published On: Dec 30 2013 06:15:57 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 30 2013 07:33:53 PM EST

Your local government will likely want it to help your hometown look nice.


The ornaments are nice to look at, but when that tree starts to fade and the new year is here, you most likely want it out of your house.

That's where Jason Biggs and his crew from the Martinsville Public Works Department comes in.

"Residents in the city can call the city and have their Christmas Trees at the curb and we'll come by and pick them up," Biggs said.

Biggs is making a complicated job sound simple. It's has kept them busy since the city started doing it 12 years ago.

The trees are collected at the curb in front of people's houses and dumped near the city jail annex, their last stop before turning into mulch.

That's right, you're trees are scattered around the city in flower beds. It's part of a project called Gateway. The program grinds up the trees and shares them with Martinsville and Henry County.

Ultimately the city saves money by using the trees rather than buying mulch in bulk. So, really you're saving yourself money by donating your tree because the city is using less tax dollars.

"We'd rather bring them down here and turn them into something that's profitable for us then to have them laying out on the side of the road and pick them up and pay to get rid of them," Biggs said.

Today was their busiest. Biggs says they stay busy through January 17th when they stop collecting trees. They can also be dropped off at this site if you're into doing the dirty work yourself.

Other cities are doing the same.

In Danville, crews are picking up trees the same day your trash is collected.

In Lynchburg, if your trash is usually collected on Monday or Tuesday, the city will pick up your tree on Saturday.

If your trash is collected on Wednesday or Thursday, your tree will be collected NEXT Friday. After that there's a charge.

You can also leave them at any of either city's drop-off recycling centers.