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UPDATE: Winner drawn in tied Halifax County race

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:09:27 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 08 2013 02:18:59 PM EST

Candidates in the school board race in Halifax County are still waiting to find out who will get the job


Fay Satterfield's name was drawn from a hat Friday morning, breaking the tie for the district six school board seat.

Satterfield and Rita Best each received 686 votes on Tuesday and a canvass of election returns Wednesday and Thursday did not change the result.


It's the luck of the draw for one election in Halifax County that still has no winner.

It was a tied vote between two women running for one school board seat.

Both Rita Best and incumbent Fay Satterfield got 686 votes each, even after a recount. Satterfield says she's excited and nervous over the outcome.

"It's a good example of, it's not how hard you work, but it's who gets the voters out," Satterfield said. "Just being a part of it is exciting to me. Of course I'd like to know what the results are."

Her opponent says more voters should have turned out.

"First reaction, I was shocked because there's never been a tie in Halifax County. So I don't know what they're going to do. I don't know how there became a tie actually," Best said.

It's the first time in the county's history an election has ended in a tie.

When this happens, the state board of elections requires a draw, like from a hat, to decide the winner.

"Putting names in a hat and drawing a name out and whoever's drawn will be the winner," said Judy Meeler, the Halifax County Voter Registrar. "I think it's amazing. I really do because it's not too often that two candidates in one district can come out so close that it's a tie vote, so I really do think it's amazing and it shows voters were out there voting on Election Day."

The draw is happening Thursday after the electoral board finishes the official tally of votes.