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Elissa Is The Widow-Maker

Published On: Jul 18 2013 10:11:30 PM EDT

It is the end of the third week. Two strong men have left the house, David and Nick. Will another one join them? Spencer, Jeremy and Aaryn are on the block for eviction.

Helen is giddy that Kaitlin used the veto to take herself off and put Jeremy on the block. Aaryn is not ready to go home yet. Therefore, she is willing to swallow pride and kiss butt to stay. Jeremy thinks it is not over until its over.

Aaryn is upset that the house discriminates against the good looking people and the people who win competitions. Homegirl really said that! Aaryn tones down her venom to the house. She faked it the whole week.

Jeremy puts up the illusion that he is harmless. Dressed like a baby, Jeremy campaigns to get votes. Amanda saw his outfit and thought he either wants to breastfeed or want votes. Thank goodness he wanted votes as she stares at her breast! Amanda is priceless.

GinaMarie is a stage 5 clinger. She built a shrine of things Nick used around the house: hat, shorts, cereal, and mug. Amanda thinks it will be funny to mess with fatal attraction. She hides items from her shrine. First victim, his mug. GinaMarie freaks out! She approaches the guilty group angrily before breaking-down crying. Amanda feels bad and returns the mug to her. Aaryn is mad that the joke turned bad when GM took it the wrong way. Aaryn is just mean-spirited.

Jeremy knows he has two votes in the bag, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. He approaches the people in power to ask for votes. He promises to protect Helen and Elissa until the end, if he stays. Helen feels it is hard to pass up on this offer. The girls both agree they love this Jeremy.

Houseguest Q and A

Julie Chen asks Elissa how it feels to not be on the block. Elissa acts very gracious. Chen asked Candice about Bedgate flipping and Candice responds very maturely, forgiving the particpants. Julie gave props to Kaitlin for her veto win. Kaitlin felt it was a hard decision to use her veto but this will pass. The host asks Howard how it is playing this game of a man of faith.

Amanda + McCrae Showmance

CBS interviewed both families on how they view their relationship. McCrae’s family was more surprised their son could swoon a pretty girl. Amanda’s family thinks it is weird. Amanda dated more elegant and prestigious men. Both families agree that Amanda wears the pants in the relationship.

Live Vote
Before the votes, Jeremy said he is a winner and champion when he eats, sleeps and poops. Aaryn thanked everyone involved for making her dream to be in the house. Spencer thanked Dave Grohl?!?

Candice: Jeremy
Andy: Jeremy
Howard: Jeremy
Elissa: Jeremy
Kaitlin: Spencer
GinaMarie: Jeremy
Amanda: Jeremy
McCrae: Jeremy
Jessie: Jeremy
Judd: Jeremy

Aaryn: 0 Spencer: 1 Jeremy: 9

Julie tells Jeremy the moment he entered the house, he was cocky. Jeremy says it was in his blood to win after receiving the advice from his family to play low-key. But, he walked out with his head high. Jeremy feels he needs to humble down a little. Kaitlin helped him through his journey.

Before Julie Chen tosses to break. She drops a bomb to the viewers. We are this week’s MVP. We get to vote who will be the third nominee. Basically, CBS wants us to nominate the racist, aka Aaryn, out of the house. I see what you did there producers.

HOH Competition

Earlier in the week, CBS asked us question about the guests. This is like a superlative competition that we voted on. The participants have to guess who we voted for for each category.

first question:
Who does America feel to be more egotistic - Aaryn. Everyone got it right.

Who should be coined Lord of Laziness. Andy, Amanda, Elissa and Candice got it wrong

The next question knocked out no one.

Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie gets knocked out in the 6th question.

The last question knocks out Howard and Spencer.

Tie-breaker question is between Judd, McCrae and Kaitlin. Judd is your new HOH! I am surprised Big Brother furniture can win these comps. But seriously, he didn’t even have to win HOH for a few weeks and he could just float to the finals. Find out on Sunday who he nominates.

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