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Emergency crews are ready for the storm

Published On: Feb 12 2014 12:00:00 AM EST


Botetourt County EMS personnel readied equipment in preparation for this storm.


Wednesday morning before a flake had even fallen, Botetourt County crews were inspecting their chains making sure they were ready for use.

Every truck had kitty litter - to be used for traction in case a vehicle got stuck.

There were also shovels and powerful wenches just in case anyone gets into trouble with the forecasted snow.

They're just trying to be ready for any event and have learned their lessons from the snow of 2009.

"We did learn some lessons from that event. The biggest thing is if you don't have to drive, stay at home, the less people on the road the less incidents are going to be plus it provides the emergency responders a lil bit of lead way, should something happen to get to the incident," says Botetourt County Firefighter/EMT Joey Bona.

Additional staff - both paid and volunteer will also be on hand.

Some tips firefighters offer going into this storm- if you should lose power do NOT use a generator indoors.

Don't use candles for lighting, instead use flashlights.

And, make sure those smoke and CO- detectors are working and that you have a working fire extinguisher nearby just in case.