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Fat pets in the NRV trying to lose weight

Published On: Sep 24 2013 06:42:25 PM EDT   Updated On: Sep 24 2013 07:01:18 PM EDT

In Christiansburg, there's a veterinarian that's challenging pets to drop a few pounds.


Pets- like lots of people- have a weight problem.

In Christiansburg, the Town and Country Veterinary Clinic has started challenging pets to drop a few pounds.

One fat cat named Kitty was being led to a floor scale and the news isn't good.

"12 point 1 pounds, so she did gain a tiny little bit!"

For about two weeks, the staff has been working with about a dozen cats and dogs who you might say are portly, or pudgy, or just fat.

"I think both dogs and cats are increasingly overweight', said Veterinarian and owner, Dr. Kelly Burdette. ''People are definitely giving their pets more treats."

Two weeks ago, Town and Country launched Purina's Project Slim Down, a 90 day tone up challenge for overweight family pets

Charles and Alice Noblin brought in their 39-pound dog named Fancy. I asked Charles how his dog got so big, he did the man thing right away.

"Alice, my wife is the caretaker, she's the one that does this," Charles said.

Alice just smiled and said they brought Fancy into their home after losing their two dogs.

"I'm much more aware of what types of treats [Fancy] gets," Alice said.

Growing up, our family had lots of dogs and we fed them all kinds of table scraps.

Today, I'm told that green beans and even asparagus are great dog treats. stuff my daughters have been telling me for years.

The question is do dogs really like that stuff? Purina Weight Coach Kaitlynn Petree was honest.

''It really depends on the individual dog. Some will eat them right up and green beans are a great filler," Petree said.

This reporter told Petree that his dog loves cheeseburgers. That's probably not a good idea? ''No' said Petree 'cheeseburgers are awful!"

Nikala Newman held a heavy mass of fur and fat.

"Kitty just wants to eat all day, she doesn't want to eat the diet food so that's a little frustrating. She prefers yummy fattening food," Newman said.

Another pet owner didn't care that our camera was rolling as she sang a few lines from a country song ,"I love Jesus and my momma too!"

For the record, my wife sings to our pets too and now you know it.

The winner of Project Slim Down gets 250 dollars in free pet food. That's for the pet, not the owner.