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Few drivers tackle icy roads and fog during storm in the New River Valley

Published On: Dec 24 2013 07:17:39 PM EST   Updated On: Dec 08 2013 08:57:02 PM EST

Icy weather slowed down businesses in the New River Valley Sunday


Not as many drivers were out on the road as what's typical for a Sunday evening as this deep freeze continues to sweeps across Virginia.

Those 70 degree days last week only seem like a memory.

Sunday not heat but ice and dense fog coated major roads in the New River Valley.

What few drivers were out stayed below the speed limit on route 460 in Christiansburg. Restaurants like Pizza Inn opened but its booths and tables weren't as full as its buffet.

"We started seeing churches were closing so we started figuring we might be slow," said Stuart Arbuckle.

The restaurant is usually packed at lunch time on Sundays.

"We like to stay open because there are a lot of people like snow plows and the rescue guys and the sheriff's departments out and about, and the police department, town police department. You know we like to feed those guys," Arbuckle said.

About a mile away Country Kitchen also wasn't a match for the weather.

A sign on the door and an empty parking lot took place of what's typically crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

The icy weather didn't put a freeze on holiday plans for one couple looking for the perfect tree.

"With finals coming up we had no other time," said Christopher Bolgiano who was picking out a tree with his fiance. "Our cars were pretty iced over, like multiple different layers of ice, so it took about a good 20 to 30 minutes to get out of here after we scraped off all the ice."

The owner of that Christmas Tree stand decided to stay open because he says the freezing temperatures are festive.

Snow plows are preparing the roads for more freezing rain and even colder temperatures Sunday night.